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Review of The Saints with Marty Willson-Piper Print E-mail
Monday, 21 March 2005
Peter posted the following review to and I thought it was very interesting to read about Marty playing with another group, and also to see his comments about the expense of touring Europe and the excellence of Steve's (and Jeffrey's!) Isidore album. I went to The Saints concert (a few days ago) in Copenhagen, and what a great night it was... I must admit that I?ve never heard the music of the saints before - I?ve only read about the band and heard Chirs Baily singing on the Nick Cave song Bring it on. My invitation was of couse that The Saints are the playground of one of our very favorite guitar players: Marty. The concert was poorly promoted here in copenhagen so the attendence was about fifty people, but everyone left the gig afterwards in high spirits(!). It was like being back in time when I myself started playing in bands (1977).The music very much like the good music from that period. High energy, quick chord changes (nearly no open chords), lyrics about being an outsider.....I think it was and still is important and good music when it?s delivered with honesty and when the heart and soul is in it. And as you might know thats just the way Marty is. So much dedication to the music he is a part of, so much energy and (no surprise) so much ability on the Jazzmaster. Of course he also master that punk guitar style.

So in brief: Good songs and a good band with Marty being brilliant!
Do youself a favour: go and see this band if it?s possible!

What also made the night so special for me was that I got to talk with Marty after the gig. I?ve read it so many times before that he (like the rest of the church) is very friendly and nice to talk with and that was also the case this night ( Thank you Marty for putting up with this guy here ) Of couse I told him about me and my relations to the church - also about checking out the hotel womb every day. He seem genuinly interested in us so I told him I would write about this night in Copenhagen.

A few things of interest ( me thinks ):
Marty looked very much in good shape and in very good spirits. I really think it shows that he?s doing the things that he?s meant to do ( playing music that means something for people like us )

He told me he really enjoyed also playing this guitar style that is so different from the church.

He asked me if I have some of his solo stuff and his latest live CD( I bought Sparks Lane while he was packing down his gear ) and I told him that I still miss some of his and Peters stuff because I?ve been buying all the kilbey stuff. To this he said: that?s ok, and asked me if I?ve got Isidore (we both agree it?s great) I had to tell him that it?s been a very expensive year to be a church and kilbey fan ( 6 cd?s and one dvd ) to which he said: Peter, in an ideal world you?d be rich! and I had to reply: No in an ideal world YOU?d be rich, but still travelling the world playing music....I relly mean that..

Bad news to us living in europe - he thinks that the church is an australian thing these days because getting here for a tour would cost them about 15.000 dollars which would be hard to recoup.

As you all can read it was a very special night for me and though this has been mostly about Marty I also have to mention that I got to talk with Chris Baily who is also a very kind thanks to Chris and his crew...Good luck to you all..

Ok this is all for now...hope my english is acceptable...

Take care

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