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Mae Moore's comments on working with Steve Print E-mail
Saturday, 01 January 2000

Mae Moore is a Canadian artist for whom Steve produced the wonderful "Bohemia". Their working relationship turned a bit rocky, though, as shown by this excerpt from the liner notes of her boxed set from 1999.


Excerpt from liner notes on Mae Moore's Collected Works 1989-1999:

"Mike Roth (now head of A&R at Sony Canada)...suggested Steve Kilbey from the Church. I thought, 'This is so great. Finally they're offering somebody creative and artistic.' I went down to Australia to meet Kilbey with my half dozen songs. I was there for a month initially, just to see if we'd get along. One of the things I played for him was 'Pieces of Clay'. He really liked that one. We bounced ideas off each other and it seemed to go really well. But, when I got there, I wasn't prepared for the substanced lifestyle that Kilbey was living. It was nightmarish, actually, to physically get to Australia. When I finally got there, I was picked up by David Sibtain of Sony. He said, 'You're going to be kind of shocked, I think. We've arranged for you to stay in an upstairs room in this flat that Kilbey rents where we have the studio. If you don't like it, we'll put you somewhere else.' So, we get to the house and two ex-convicts are living there. The place was crawling with enormous cockroaches and my bed was a mattress on the floor. I'm thinking, 'I don't think I can stay here.' It was just a little too dark and there were hypodermic needles. I mean, I was prepared to have a new experience but not quite to actually live like that. So, they arranged for me to be in the Hotel New Hampshire...I'd walk to the studio in the morning and Kilbey and I would write. Then he'd sleep and I'd write while he slept. That went on for months and we got along really, really well. I think my open tunings intrigued him. They sound really lush and he quite liked that. He wanted to know more about that.

Sony loved the demos Kilbey and I had done, so I went back to Australia...Pryce Surplice was doing all the drum programming...he and Kilbey had a falling out. Kilbey was always having a falling out with someone or other. Steven was good friends with G.W. McLennan from the Go-Betweens, a very talented songwriter also, but with substance problems at the time as well. Grant would come over and hang out; there were always people stopping by. It was a nice atmosphere....I'd arrive at the studio in the morning and Kilbey would usually be there already, walking around with his guitar playing a few chords.

Kilbey, at that time, was in a bad way; really unreliable... then, Steve just didn't show up for a few days. That's when we got Gavin MacKillop to come down and finish the record...when Kilbey came back to the studio, he was asked to leave because he was being really destructive."

Track 10. "Disappearing Act" Previously unreleased. Steven came up with the music and I had the lyric. I don't think I ever told Kilbey it was about him. It was a reaction to a volatile outburst in our relationship. (Peter Koppes, electric guitar).

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