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Fluffhouse review of All About Eve's Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 October 2003

Originally published at

If you're wondering why this is here, Marty joined All About Eve for two albums and tours. This is the second album they did together.

After being dumped by their record company when "Touched by Jesus" flopped, they were picked up by another label, quickly made this album, and soon afterwards got dumped again and split up. It will always happen, but it's always a shame when decent material fails commercially and a talented band gets messed around by the business.

Ultraviolet was actually a surprising change of direction, after the slickly-produced lush pop of "Touched by Jesus". They turned down Julianne Regan's vocals in the mix, turned up the guitars, and ended up with something much more "indie" sounding. Thus it got a couple of good reviews from the alternative music press, who compared it to Curve (a band with similar guitar fuzz and breathy female vocals who were critical darlings at the time).

It has the marks of guitarist Marty Willson-Piper all over it - and now I'm more familiar with Marty's other band The Church, a lot of it sounds like their material from around the same time (see "Sometime Anywhere"). He coaxes a astonishing variety of noises, fuzzy, twangy and jangly, from his Rickenbackers, in the space of a short album.

There are a few decent songs hidden behind the blurred production. "Phased" has a breathless grinding rhythm, and was a good case for the Curve comparisons. "Freeze" uses some soft, chilling guitar effects well. The "ping" noises and the tune of "Infrared" are a poorly-disguised lift from Pink Floyd's "Echoes"! "I Don't Know" adds a bit of Indian colour, sitars and some rather cheesy Eastern wiggly vocalising from Julianne. "Blindfolded Visionary" has a strong tune, with a dynamic nervous energy. On "Outshine the Sun", Marty just lets it all go, spending its last few minutes on an unrestrained jam of guitar noise.

Although it will always be in the shadow of their first three albums, Ultraviolet is definitely worth a few listens.

7 out of 10

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