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The Church
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Gold Afternoon Fix review Print E-mail
Monday, 01 January 1990

This is from an unknown source, written by Nick Coniglio

The Church
Gold Afternoon Fix

This is an album that you sink into. There's not much rockin' here, but one helluva lot of swaying. These guys surprised the hell out of me when I saw them live last year; they were way hot! And that holds true for this album too. You can't often sit through 16 songs on a CD [Ed. GAF has 13 songs] and not get nauseous at two or three or...ok, I'll be honest, old Marty W-P does a completely crap vocal on 'Russian Autumn Heart' but other than that vocalist/bassist Steve Kilbey does just fine. But I don't understand what his problem's interviews both on TV and in print he has this colossal chip on his shoulder. Like the size of Mt. Everest. Hell, lighten up, you're in a great band, this is a great album and sod those creeps that get their claws in. He needs some mental ego armor!

Amateur analysis aside (like what the hell does it have to do with it all...I think it does...) Stevie's languid voice has a lot more attitude on some of the tracks, giving numbers like 'Terra Nova Cain' and 'Essence' a new level of meaning, I think.

Like I keep claiming, I'm not much on guitar pop but these guys create atmospheres and melodies that make my poor head reel. That Marty Willson-Piper's and Peter Koppes have got some clever fingers ! And who gives a blow if they're from Australia? They could be from Outer Mongolia for all I care as long as they keep this magic up. They're just outright master at their music and hurrah for that. My, aren't we the little cheerleader? Ahh, they deserve it.

-- Nick Coniglio

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