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Friday, 21 January 2005
My thanks to Thomas Irvin, who posted this on a forum at

Here are a few reviews of the new Church album:


"Imagine U2 turning to understated psych pop in the company of David Gilmour (Appalatia) and Lloyd Cole (Sealine). Predictably, the results are magical, but then we said that last time out as well."


"Casual listeners might be surprised to learn that this Australian rock quartet, which made a faint blip on U.S. radar with Under the Milky Way in 1988, has an impressive recording career stretching back 23 years. The band's experience, perseverance and finely honed blend of mood and melody emerges with clarity and grace on this 17th album, in which Marty Willson-Piper's sumptuous guitar and Steven Kilbey's haunting baritone combine to gorgeous effect in a rich and resonant soundscape. The muted drama and lush but unfussy arrangements of standouts Telepath, I Kept Everything, Song in Space and Sealine make Forget Yourself a memorable pleasure."


"Jangly 80s Aussie rockers push back the years. True, theres little new stylistically in these ethereal, dreamy guitar songs  its The Churchs 17th album, after all  but the results are remarkably strong. Seductive melodies, spacey atmospheres and spangling guitars are propelled by solid but sympathetic drumming, while typically oblique lyrics, peppered with elusive romantic images ("empty houses full of scents") and mysterious movie-like scenes, benefit hugely from the urgency of live energy and less studio trickery. Their best album in years, showing theres magic in guitars and tunes yet.....Ian Cranna"


"It's the carefully planned dynamics and variety of textures that makes this LP one of the best albums for 2003 and there's no doubt the obsessive fans will be sated, at least for the moment. Forget Yourself, rather than exhibiting the craft of an act in its twilight years, suggests that The Church have much more to offer: much, much more." (interview with Steve Kilbey also included)


"The Church may have spent the majority of their existence out of step with fashion, but with Forget Yourself they have created that most elusive of entities; an album that challenges its audience (its caused some consternation among hardcore fans) and keeps getting better on repeated listens. Excellent." Nick Peters

AMG All Music Guide

"Forget Yourself, the Church's 17th album, is a timeless, magical disc that is easily as strong as anything from their 1980s peak. ...the real brilliance peeks through on lush numbers like "Telepath," "Maya," and "June," all boasting the ethereal moments that made early discs like Remote Luxury and Heyday fan favorites. That's not to say the brooding drama of "The Theatre and Its Double" gets the group off course, but there are enough super tunes here ("Don't You Fall" and "I Kept Everything" are some more) to tag their latest a tremendous return to form. - John D. Luerssen"


"Truly more than a return, this fresh, raw collection of self-produced material is exceptional and inspired"

Amplifier, January 2003

"this album sounds confidently refreshed and relevant...Forget Yourself validates the subtle magic delivered with Starfish"

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