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Steve talks about Remote Luxury Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 December 2004

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[kiki] Why did you decide to call yourselves, THE CHURCH?

[steve] It was just a random decision, nothing of great meaning. Just a name that no one would use, so we used it. We are all sort of spiritual.

[kiki] The Church has been together for 4 years. Has it been a hard climb?


[steve] It was not so much a climb. We spent a year in Austrailia knocking our heads against the wall playing small places. We then had a hit record and sort of went to this medium plateau where we have been since.

[kiki] Describe your image ...

[steve] I can't describe it! We are not those guys who destroy hotel rooms, that have heroin on our corn flakes or anything like that!

[kiki] And your overall style?

[steve] None of us wears overalls! But actually, I don't really know. We play and other people say what it is. Our style is for other people to judge, really!

[kiki] What influences your music?

[steve] It's hard to say. It's more individual songs rather than the group's outlook.

[kiki] "Remote Luxury" is your latest release. Tell us about "Remote Luxury", the title track ...

[steve] That is an instrumental that I wrote on a 'D' tuned guitar in Sweden. I was going to put words to it, but I never got around because I felt it would work better as an instrumental. The Church is a sort of thing, people are either on the wavelength or they are not. Perhaps that makes us a limited band. Those who like "Remote Luxury" will listen to that track and know what it's about. Those who don't understand, it will just be an instrumental to them.

[kiki] What about "10.000 MILES"?

[steve] That's actually Marty's track. He and I wrote the music together, he wrote the lyrics. One night we were stuck in Germany and did not have anything to do. We just had some guitars so we wrote the music to that. It's about being a long way from where you want to be- a fairly common plight for musicians.

[kiki] "A Month of Sundays"?

[steve] More or less a true story. A lot of our songs were written about our European tour. This is about being in this little place where no one knows who you are. That's pretty indifferent! It's a folksy sort of tune I suppose.

[kiki] "INTO MY HANDS"?

[steve] This one song people over here seem to like! I think the other tracks are a bit cryptic and people can understand this one. It's just a very simple love song.

[kiki] "MAYBE THESE BOYS" ...

[steve] I was just trying to get a cinnamon graphic kind of quality into a song. Really untypical from what the Church normally does because it's based on a synthesiser riff. It was contrived in the studio and I play most of the instruments. We don't do this one live.

[kiki] Who produced "REMOTE LUXURY"?

[steve] The CHURCH plus our long standing cohorts, John B., an Austrailian guy who has just about engineered everything from the first album on. We are producing with him now.

[kiki] Of your past performances, what have been the disappointments?

[steve] The CHURCH is a history of disappointments! We are a real erratic band, but half our performances are not as good as they should be! Being in music I think is disappointing whether you get there or not. Everyone I know is disappointed with it!!!

[kiki] Up to date, the CHURCH has released 3 lp's, 2 ep's and a 4 song ep. Recently, you were picked up by Warner Bros. Records. "REMOTE LUXURY" being your debut album. How you enjoy working with Warner Bros.?

[steve] Warner Bros. are really a nice bunch of people! They are an artist company. What the artist says is important to them, rather than some labels that sign you up and do anything they can to change you, mass produce you and turn you into a sausage on the machine!!! Warner is about as personal as a record label can get and still be in business! They are the nicest and they let you do what you want to do! Yes, it's really a happy marrage!

[kiki] How, if any, does the music industry here in the U.S. differ from Austrailia or Europe?

[steve] It's all pretty much the same. It's dog eat dog. Managers putting coke up other people's noses! Support bands being treated bad, good records being ignored and bad records being plugged. False smiles, self congradulatotry pats on the back. It's all the same. Sick! The word- music, and- industry are mutually exclusive! Music is art and industry is about selling, making and putting smoke in the air! Anyone in a band feels this constant confusion between wanting to make the best music, on the other hand there's enormous pressure to sell units! But, it's hard to resist!

[kiki] You also produced "SEANCE". What did you find most interesting whilst producing?

[steve] Try keeping the whole thing under control. You get other producers in and things end up not going the way you want them.We foolishly turned over the mixing process to a guy who mixed the album differently than how we wanted it. It ended up sounding real harsh and we wanted a soft warm album. This time we took hold of the whole process, we were in it all the way!

[kiki] What is the CHURCH aiming for next?

[steve] Existence! Survival! The reality is it's hard to keep going! At this stage we are surviving the tour! If we have enough money left to do another, and make another album, then we have achieved our aim!

[kiki] In closing, what do you wish to say?

[steve] I don't know. Everything I say is on the album. I am no philosopher or guru. I have nothing to say! It's been interesting!

THANK YOU, the CHURCH- and Steve Kilbey who said-


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