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Review of El Momento Descuidado from Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 December 2004
Originally published at

As their 25th anniversary approaches, art-rock band the church, having recently returned from international touring, are continuing to push the boundaries of what a rock band should be. Rather than becoming a tame bloated parody of what they used to be, or plodding out insipid greatest hits, the band have spent the last five years making music as they desire, without regard for current trends, trusting in the traditional virtues of talent, chemistry and good taste to guide them, an approach that has served them well for over twenty years.

If like a typical music lover when the church is mentioned your mind races inevitably to the spectre of their international hit, ?Under the Milky Way?, you might not know, that this Australian art-rock band, have released more than a dozen lush, elegant albums, and that their refined and intricate music - distinguished by bassist Steve Kilbey's mordant tenor, guitarists Marty Willson-Piper's and Peter Koppes' understated playing, and the melodic pulse of drummer/producer Tim Powles - continues to inspire world-wide devotion. An output level that has sustained annual national and international touring.

the church have remained one of the world?s most innovative and enigmatic groups justifying praises from the press including "Best guitar band on earth", "Sonic perfection", "Sounds that caress the senses". Fantastic and unique artists ...experience and enjoy ...

And now comes 'El Momento Descuidado', the church's contribution to the outstandingly successful Liberation Blue Acoustic Series. The album features a number of classic hits in the guise of The Unguarded Moment, Almost With You, Metropolis and Under The Milky Way, as well as a handful of lesser known but no less excellent songs, and 5 brand new tracks. 'El Momento Escuidado' is sure to be quicky snapped up by the church's legion of devoted followers.

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