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Marty talks to Highwire Daze about Hanging Out in Heaven Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 July 2000
Originally published at


Updated: 07/26/00

Highwire Daze: It?s been a long time since you?ve played here at The Strand. What happened?

Marty: I don?t know what happened really. We just got involved with other things. When I was playing for All About Eve, I was spending a lot of time in Europe. And we had a record which came out and the company became bankrupt ? so we were a little thrown off by that. And then this record. It took a long time before it actually became possible for me to think about working on getting it out.

HD: It?s a real warm sounding recording, your new album ? very colorful ? you could kind of float through it.

Marty: I think all of my records have kind of got that. A lot of people like to make records to impress people ? I don?t want to impress anybody, I want to involve them. And I think that?s the difference.

HD: Did it take long to make the new album?

Marty: It didn?t take a long to make, but it did take a long time to come out. The only reason it came out was because Robert (from Heyday) called me up and said, ?I hear you?ve got a record in the can somewhere.? One thing lead to another and here it is.

HD: Do you like being on the road playing acoustically?

Marty: I think people really like the concept of the intimacy of an acoustic show. And I really like doing it. I don?t mind doing it as long as people want it. I?m not into talking people into liking it. It?s like ?like it or leave.? Or I will. I?m not here to impress you if you need something you?re not getting from it automatically. I think with a lot of music ? some people need to dance. I need music that immediately affects me. With what I do, people either come up to me and say, ?Oh, I love your record? or they?re not interested at all. I?m just trying to effortlessly appeal to people.

HD: So just Forget The Radio! (The name of a new song on Marty?s album).

Marty: Yeah! Well somebody needed to say that, didn?t they? If you think of every record that?s been made in the world and you think of the state of radio. I don?t like to write songs about the music business ? some people do write songs about how they?ve been ripped off and I hate all that kind of stuff. I think somebody needed to write a paean to the pleasure of musical indulgence and the ability to put the radio on and really enjoy what you are hearing. I can?t listen to the radio, but I can go home and sit in a beanbag in front of the gas fire on a cold winter?s night and listen to all my records and read lyrics and really dig the records. Nobodies written a song about listening to records before. Why is it that the radio is the place where you discover music and yet I can?t find anything I like. I never hear anything I like on the radio. Why is that?

HD: What is Sanctuary about?

Marty: I wrote the lyrics in Venice Beach. I like the lyrics to that song ? ?The continental shift in your earthquake heart? ? that a great line!

HD: Where did the title of the album Hanging Out In Heaven come from?

Marty: It was something I once said to someone that I was going out with. I said, ?Being with you is like hanging out in heaven.?

HD: Is there a favorite song on the new album that you like?

Marty: It?s a difficult record because it?s a very emotional record. Some of my favorite songs on there are so meaningful to me. Like I Don?t Think So ? it?s the ultimate break-up song. It?s the tragedy of everything that happens and the truth in your words that really hurts. ?When I look into your eyes, I see that the love has gone. And I don?t know if it?s for better or for worse.? But now I do know, but then I didn?t. And what?s important about a song is then, not now. It?s then. Then is always important. Like You Bring Your Love To Me is a very romantic, beautiful, soft moving, meaningful song. I think I write songs that I really mean. Whether people believe me or not ? I don?t care. I really mean it when I write those songs ? those sort of idealistic love songs. I really mean it.

HD: Now that you?re out here with another album, how do you want people to see you as?

Marty: I think that people accept me as a singer/songwriter. I?m not a big artist. The Church is but I?m not. But I think people accept me as a singer/songwriter. They don?t just think of me as the guitarist in The Church. They separate me, which is good. I?m a flexible guy. I like being the guitarist in The Church or the singer with myself or the co-songwriter of somebody I?ve just met. I don?t care. I?ve got lots of room to be lots of different things. I don?t wanna be the same kind of thing all of the time. I want to be lots of different things to lots of different people ? and even to myself?.

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