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Steve speaks with Wright Productions about Forget Yourself Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 January 2003

Originally published by Wright Productions ( at


Steve Kilbey and the rest of the guys in The Church are currently touring for their 17th Album Forget YOurself on Cooking Vynal Records/Spin Art Records. The shows and reviews of the new album Forget Yourself from down under in Australia have been overwhelming. You can see them now here in America before they head over to Europe. Here is a personal email interview with lead vocalist and writer guitarist family man Steve Kilbey.

2004 Steve Kilbey Turned 50

The Strange, The Marvelous, The Church

Forget Yourself is the 17th release from The Church and shows the band continuing to evolve and take chances. The interview is with singer and bassist Steve Kilbey.

With Marty Willson-Piper touring and doing concerts on his own this past year, why haven?t you put together a tour for The Refo:Mation since Marty isn?t featured on the album with all of your other band mates in The Church?

Steve: The Refo was never intended as a touring entity. It was just a studio thing we did. It has no real existence outside that record.

After having released so many solo albums, why haven?t you toured here in The United States as a solo artist in such a very long time?

Steve: Having such a great band as The Church has always made it very daunting to play without them. I bore myself as a solo performer with an acoustic guitar and to get another band together?.well it?s never gonna be as good as The Church. Besides, I really don?t perceive any demand for me to tour and the handful of people who may be interested won?t justify the cost or trouble-

The Church now have 17 albums. So how many more albums would you like to put out as a band before you retire?

Steve: We intend to keep going until we drop. I certainly have not placed any set number on how many records we will make. If we run out of steam maybe we will call it a day, but I foresee quite a future yet for The Church.

With Marty and yourself having so may solo records out, is there any time that you feel that those take away anything from The Church and the band?s goals as far as songs and lyrics go?

Steve: Not at all. Creativity has never been a problem for us. Writing songs is the easy bit. The more you write the easier it gets. It?s not like you only have a certain number in you.

At the performance during your last tour someone shouted out at the House Of Blues in Hollywood ?Play Something Harder/Faster? and you broke into Electric Lash. Did that comment have any effect as this newest release is a bit more like a good alternative rock'n'roll album?

Steve: We didn?t play Electric Lash cos the person called it was the next song on the list. If this album is more rock (and it definitely is), it is just how it turned out. We never know what we are going to do next. We hang on and see where the music wants to go. This record wanted to rock?.so lo, we rocked!

What is the new song The Theatre And It?s Double about and where did it come from?

Steve: The title is obviously nicked from Antonin Artaud who wrote a book with the same name, which was a revolutionary look at all aspects of staging plays. The song has a very tenuous connection with anything to do with that, I guess it?s a bit of a red herring. Mind you, it is a great title.

Is there going to be a single release with possible B-Sides from Forget Yourself?

Steve: There is in Australia. Song in Space was a single with b-sides and a video.

How was performing a sold-out show at The Opera House in Sydney?

Steve: The opera house was one of the greatest moments of our career. The venue was perfect for us. I wish every gig could be like that. I tell you what, it made it hard to go back to the bars!!

This album, Forget Yourself, was recorded live. How did the production value change and did it accomplish what you really wanted? Was it cheaper to do it this way? Did it take more time or less time?

Steve: This album was not really recorded live?it was live-ish, not a lot of overdubs. There was no real plan, it just kinda turned out this way. We didn?t know what we were trying to do really?.but that?s the way we always work. It took about the same amount of time and money, I?d say.

The ever so repeated question is will there ever be a live Church CD or maybe a greatest hits live compilation?

Steve: I really hope not. I don?t like live records myself and one can never recapture the thrill of actually being there. I like to keep recording and live discrete.

What is your favorite song on Forget Yourself and why?

Steve: This changes a lot for me. I go thru periods of liking one then another. I think Sealine is a good one, the lyrics are about my return to Australia and its beauty and its harshness, plus a few personal things. It has a certain sixties feel, a certain roughness that I like. I abhor perfectly made things for their own sake, and Sealine lurches along quite nicely. The way rock and roll should.

Most people associate June with Summer. What are these two songs about?

Steve: June in Australia is winter. June is one of my daughter?s middle names. I wanted to combine these 2 ideas. Summer is simply that. If you close your eyes at the end of that song you will see Bondi Beach where I now live, and you will feel the huge Australian sky at dusk meeting the warm Pacific Ocean, smell the salty air and relax into the southern night!

Since you used mostly acoustic guitars on the last tour, will there ever be an acoustic album or an acoustic single?

Steve: I doubt it. We are an electric band after all, and electric guitars can do so much more than acoustic. We will however continue to have some acoustic elements to what we do, in some form or another.

What message would you like to come across from listening to Forget Yourself?

Steve: That life is wonderful, strange, precious and unpredictable. To look for the marvelous in the ordinary.

Are you surprised at how the critics here in The United States have taken such a liking to the new CD?

Steve: I am pleasantly surprised, I must say. But the U.S. critics have been fairly kind to us over the years. I was more stunned by N.M.E. in the U.K. giving the album the thumbs up. It is a fucking good record though, isn?t it? It?s only getting its just desserts.

Is there any place you haven?t toured as The Church that you would like to perform?

Steve: You know an audience is an audience to me. I actually prefer U. S. audiences to anywhere else so I'm happy touring America sheerly for the great people who come and see us. I?d like to go to India in this lifetime, but that has nothing to do with playing.

The Church are on tour in the U.S. this Spring and Forget Yourself is available on SpinArt in the States.

The Church have available two new CD's. The Two CD's are called Jam and the other is Beside Yourself. Jam is just that a real Jam session no vocals. Beside YOurself is some tracks that weren't on the record of Forget Yourself and some others that were released as a single from the album that are now hard to find. Steve Kilbey also has teamed with one of the mates from Remy Zero and sings all the vocals on that project [Brian: called Isidore].

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