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Isidore interview with Jeffrey Cain in Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 June 2004

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Jeffrey Cain and Steve Kilbey Become Isidore

Former Remy Zero guitarist Jeffrey Cain and The Church's Steve Kilbey have recorded an album together as Isidore.

Isidore started out after Cain approached Kilbey with an instrumental track and Kilbey finished it off in one day. "I gave Steve an instrumental track and he wrote lyrics that very day" Jeffrey tells Undercover News. "We went to a studio and cut the song and spoke of doing a full on record but we both had to take care of a few things".

When the decision was made to create Isidore as its own entity, Cain and Kilbey set out to work from different sides of the planet. Cain worked from the United States and Kilbey operated out of Australia. "The album was written and recorded in my house in Los Angeles, late nights, on the 8 track reel to reel and a laptop" he says. "I would then mail Steve songs weekly (always with artwork). He would cut vocals in Sydney and immediately mail them back to me. Then I would make the final touches and mix".

The result was something different from both The Church and Remy Zero. "It is something very unique" he says. "It is very beautiful but it has a certain spontaneity to it that shines a different light on us. For me it was a pleasure to hear Steve sing in some different atmospheres and a different context as a vocalist. He has such a definitive style. He was forced to try some things that he is not usually forced to do".

The next step for Isidore is to play some live shows. "I am working out plans to come to Australia potentially in August we also have shows potentially in America in August" he says. "We will bring along some of my old Remy Zero mates and some Australians. We will do a hybrid band".

Remy Zero broke up last year but various members feature on the Isidore album. "Both the bassist and drummer of Remy make appearances on the Isidore album" he says. "Live, Remy drummer Gregory Slay will be holding things together while Mr. Kilbey will handle the bass and I will do whatever it may take to cover the rest".

The Isidore album will soon be released in the USA. It has come out first in Australia as an Indie on the Karmic Hit label.

By Paul Cashmere

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