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(archived here) review of Marty solo in Santa Monica Jun 2004 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 June 2004

Interesting conflict of interest ;) Newspapertaxi is a site that Marty co-founded where musicians write reviews of albums and concerts - great idea and well worth a read.  Here's Leslie Ridden's review of Marty's show of June 5th 2004.

The original is posted at

Reviewed by LESLIE REDDEN on the 22 Jun 2004

Marty Willson-Piper is an underrated guitarist ... and he knows it! He's the guitarist for the band The Church, who will be celebrating their 25th year Anniversary next year. He recently did a solo show that really transcended the norm of performance.

[Picture: David J. Dowling] It is really a one man show, that could easily be shown on Broadway. During a two and a half hour improvisational free fall fly, Willson-Piper mixed a clever brew of poetry, awesome guitar work, singing and his biting humor. This was all along with his friend Patty Hood who was playing a $30,000 harp. It was entertaining, brutally honest and unlike anything I have ever seen. To describe the show would be given it away while not doing it the justice that the performance deserves.

Some of the songs he performed were an emotional ... Will I Start To Bleed, a rearranged Spark, a beautiful duet in English and the Swedish of O'Stockholm.

The audience was indeed a part of the show. An intimate relationship between Willson-Piper and those in attendance was magically spun. Marty would ask what the audience wanted and at times give it to them. Other times, he would do the exact opposite ... like a teasing lover who would hold back and disappear while Patti Hood would tickle her harp. The performance was like being in a warm womb of love. Love for Poetry by Dylan Thomas which he explained how it had inspired him as well as Bob Dylan and Don Henley?s 'The Boys Of Summer'. Love for love and the pains of it. Love for harmony and humor. Love for music and the beauty of the guitar.

Marty Willson-Piper is a natural. Natural performer, singer, songwriter, guitar legend and charmer. Next time he does a solo show Go. When the DVD comes out ? It is a MUST HAVE.


Hey There
My Museum
High as a Kite
Forget the Radio
You Whisper
Oh Stockholm
Questions Without Answers
Melody of the Rain
Luscious Ghost
10,000 Miles
Wreck (A Sea Shanty)
You Bring Your Love to Me
I Don't Think So

DANIEL WATKINS from DALLAS, TX USA - "As someone who has seen Marty live I can agree with every word! "When the dvd comes out"? Tell us more!!! Daniel"

CECILIA from SAN FRANCISCO - "I whole heartedly agree! MWP graced us the night before and he was sublime, he was VIBELICIOUS! CPE"

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