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Isidore - a bad review from the Dallas Music Guide Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 December 2004
(Brash Music)

What happens when you combine the head of a one-hit wonder with the secondary guitarist to one of America?s most underappreciated bands? Well, you would get Isidore, the brainchild of Steve Kilbey of The Church and Jeffery Cain of Remy Zero. I was expecting good things when I first heard about this project. Oh well?

It starts out promisingly with the opener ?Musidora?, but that?s the best song on the album. It all goes downhill from there. These songs aren?t exactly bad, but they really aren?t that good either. They don?t seem to have a flow to them, and they all pretty much sound alike. While listening, I kept thinking, ?Okay, this is going to go somewhere soon.? That moment usually doesn?t come though. Okay, there is one bad song on this album, simply for the beginning. Would someone please tell me what is going on at the beginning of ?CA. Redemption Value?? Seriously Kilbey, what the hell? You?ve officially lost your mind. Oddly enough, the ?last track? (with the obligatory hidden track that follows) is called ?Nothing New?. Oh, sweet irony!

Jeffery Cain can do better, as is evident on the Sleepwell album he did with former bandmate Gregory Slay. If Cain and Kilbey wanted to make an album that was to change the face of music, then they failed miserably. However, if they wanted to make an album that would put this critic to sleep, all I can say is ?Mission Accomplished, boys!? Isidore?s self-titled debut is a huge disappointment.

-- Joel Buchanan
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