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Letters from Steve Kilbey Print E-mail
Saturday, 01 January 1994
The contents of letters written by Steve answering questions from fans. This is from around 1993-1994 (around Sometime Anywhere / Snow Job).
From: "Smith, Brian"
Subject: Got this letter the other day.....

Get ready.....
I wrote to Steve Kilbey last week, and he wrote back !!  (Thought I'd get 
right to the point.)

I sent him a one page letter consisting of the following: telling him 
(briefly) about myself, quite a bit about e-mail and this group, and a 
couple of other little things.  The only direct question I asked was about a 
"Church movie short" they did a while back.  I also asked him if I could 
take questions from all of you and send them to him.  Anyway, here's his 

Dear Brian
     Thanks for your letter.
The Blurred Crusade film was actually only Almost With You and You Took 
videos which is mostly available on our video collection thing.

At the moment I am writing some auxiliary songs for the Church album with 
M.W.-P. and a little bit of musical pottering about in my own studio.  Jack 
Frosts second Album to be entitled "SNOW JOB" is coming along slowly but 
slowly.  But what we have is good.


               STEVE KILBEY

From: mosk (Morten Skjefte)
To: seance@thechurch
Subject: Oh wow! Way cool!

I received this letter yesterday.  I am not a 100% sure who it's
from, no sender info on the envelope, no letterhead, and only a 
couple of initials at the bottom of the last page to go on, but 
I think I have a pretty good idea of who it is...
I think you all may find this interesting, so here it is in it's entirety,
complete with misspellings and punctuation errors, except for a couple
of Swedish letters which I can't reproduce over the net...


Hej Morten,
      Tack for brevet. Visst, jag kan prata eller skriva svenska,
atminstone att prata med mina barn som prata svenska och engelska
darfor dom har en svensk mama.

       Well here's a few answers anyhow. There will be a new Church
l.p. called "Sometime, Anywhere" released in Jan/Feb 94.  The first 
25,000 copies will have a free C.D. with 8 new songs, included is a
song called "Drought" which was recorded in Amsterdam in 88 with 
Ploog still in the group. You hear a little bit on those in between 
excerpts on our video goldfish. Its been lost for 5 years and has 
just been turned up. The master tape has been lost and we have to 
release the monitor mix of the song which luckily isn't too bad.

Peter Koppes is out of the group simply coz hes "had enough"
Who can blame him? Marty + I did the album ourselves with him playing
75% guitar and 25% bass and me vice versa. An Australian drummer call
Tim Powles played drums on all but 2 tracks. He is a great drummer.
Marty + I produced it, Dare Mason co-produced + engineered + mixed it.

It was recorded at my studio "Karmic Hit" and mixed at 301. The songs are:
Loveblind, Day of the Dead, Angelica, Fly Home, Two Places at Once, Lost 
my Touch, Lullabye, Cut in Two, My Little Problem, Dead Mans Dream,
Time Being, Eastern, The Maven.

      The Free L.P. entitled "Somewhere Else" will contain the following.
"Business Woman, Drought, Macabre Tavern, Authority, Myths you Made,
Leave your Clothes on, Freeze and Burn.

      Although I have quite a few tracks in the can, I have no plans to 
release them at the moment. I am, however working on a new Jack Frost
with G.W. Maclennan which is turning out great!

      Unsubstantiated belongs to Capitol Records and they will do with
it whatever they will, but if we can get it back, I'll try to make it

      I have a song on the Sountrack of "Reckless Kelly" an Australian
film. The record is released through Mushroom Records but maybe 
Warners will release it in the U.S.  It's not a bad song, worth tracking
down, possibly. The song is called "As you Like it".

      I am in the process of starting up my own label called "Karmic
Hit" and will be releasing my own solo work plus records by Curious
Yellow, Warp Factor 9, Bhagavad Guitars, Fake and a few others. The
music is all of a similar aesthetic and people will hopefully like 
all the records on the label. Some of it is absolutely excellent, I think.

      I have produced an album + co-written with Canadian singer Mae Moore,
whose album "Bohemia" is just released in U.S.A. by Sony / Tri-Star. 
Recommended if like the Joni Mitchell type of trip.

      I have produced + cowritten another album on EMI in Australia with
Australian Singer Margot Smith.  This album is definitely worth the trouble
of finding from import shops. She posesses an exquisite voice and the songs
are uniformly excellent. The album is called "Sleeping with the Lion"

                          Hope that answers a few questions.


Needless to say, I am walking around in a daze... Three pages, all 
handwritten by the Man Himself!  And all that information!!!  I bet
certain magazines would kill to get that pre-release info!  I guess
he must have been pretty bored that day, because I didn't ask for the
track listing, but I did mention that it sometimes was hard to find
or even know about the stuff they released over here. I guess that's 
why he took the time to mention everything....   He did not answer 
my question whether there would be a live Church album released....

The only problem is, the only proof that it is him, is the initials 
at the bottom. I'm going to have to ask him to sign his full name 
next time!  :-)  And you bet there will be a next time!!!  :-)

Is it January yet?????    

From: mosk (Morten Skjefte)
To: seance@thechurch
Subject: Letters, letters, letters.....

Here's a thingy that ended up in my (snail)mail box last week.
It should be fairly self-explanatory...
Hej Morten,
        Sitting here, it's Christmas night, very warm, on my own. Thought
I'd answer a few of your questions though I must confess record collecting 
type questions are not my strongpoint. But here goes.

        1. Correct. "S.N.S. + I.A.H." are the first Aust single. "She N. S."
is just a different mix (quite different).

        2. There never was a version of Heyday with instrumental tracks.
Although recently in Thailand I puchased a bootleg Gold Afternoon and it 
had an extra instrumental track at the end called "Into the Light" which
was some sort of jazz fusion thing, but I've no idea who it's actually 
by, certainly not the Church. I've seen ads in various collectors mags 
for the Heyday with 2 instrumentals for lots of money. I wonder if it
originated via Thailand?

        3. I was asked to do something "Christmasy" for a benefit record
for a Kids hospital. I knocked that song off in a couple of hours at home
when I was Eight track. I can't remember much about it at all.
        4. Redeye was never my label. Although me and my 2 brothers +
Karin were on it, we never had any part of it business wise. We all left
too, at the same time as Redeye took on new directions and new acts. We 
need a label thus the formation of Karmic Hit.

        5. No new Curious. Karin has made a record called "Invoice"
with Boris Gudonov who works with all of us now. He is a brilliant 
musician and techno-boffin. It's an unbelievable good record. Also 
seek out as imports: The Bhagavad Guitars album "Hypnotized" (Youngest
Brother Johns now defunct band great album tho) and Warp Factor Nine
another group with Boris, John K and Russel K (my other brother) the
album is called Five Days in a Photon Belt and it's beautiful stuff. It's 
out thru Polygram.

        6. No more plans for Asphalt Eden....too many new things to do.

        7. I came across a cache of my "Earthed" books (not the booklet
a la Ryko) and wondered if anyone out there would still like a copy. If
so they can send me U.S. $20 as a postal note or whatever, however money
is sent and that will include postage and package - all autographed.
These are the last 50 from the Two Thousand I originally printed up. 
Worth 40 pounds on the continent! Can send it to P.O. 56 etc. (What
a breadhead eh?)
        Also did I tell you I had a track on the soundtrack of an
Australian film "Reckless Kelly" an awful film, but my song is quite
o.k. It's on Mushroom and shouldn't be too hard to import. Seek out 
also a record called "Used + Recommended by" on which a band called 
Ripe does a great version of Milky Way (better than ours in fact) 
(on Mushroom too).

                     Love + Karlek
                       etc etc
                       Steve Kilbey
                       authentic sig.

The address he's talking about is:
Mr. Steve Kilbey,
P.O. Box 56,
Rozelle, N.S.W. 2039,

And the authentic sig thing is because I asked him to sign his full 
name (instead of the S.K. that he did on the previous letter). And 
the envelope even had "Kilbey, Aust" as sender on it... I guess 
there's only one...  :-)
Postmarked Jan 6th 1994


Dear Paul
        Thanks for your kind letter and encouraging words. I hardly ever 
reply coz I don't have the time (especially with my 2 year old twins) but 
your letter was so nice....
Line your looking for in "kings" is 
In gardens in the orient, likelihood is good + spent
Herod nods beneath the palms, holds poor baby in his arms
absolutely nothing to do with Li Ch'ing-Cho when I wrote it, but hey, if 
it fits, it fits, I will not deny the synchronicity or whatever 
(pre-Sting we called them coincidences).

2. The song you mean "you never should have used magic" is called 
"Plantagenet" [Brian notes: It was recorded by Stephen Cummings with the name 
"September 13". Why ? It's the date on which they were both born !] after 
the royal English family from the middle ages (Richard III etc). I still 
have not recorded that song but I will do it one day before I die.

        Future plans are Church in March, Jack Frost in July
Jack Frost album is finished, is fantastic and brilliant and entitled 
"Dead Cool Snow Job".

                                Love <-> Kilbey

Here's one from Karl Reinsch
Anyway, Steve wrote an interesting and perhaps sarcastic little note. 
He numbered the answers to my question. I don't remember if I numbered
them originally or not. I have filled in what I remember of the 
questions inside brackets. My questions weren't fantastic.
Also inside the book was a self portrait of Kilbey sans-beard
and labeled "Self Portrait 1996". When I get access to a scanner,
I will scan it in. Can someone help me with this?

Now, the letter (all spellings, punctuation, etc. are his):

"Dear Reinschie
 1. Fake is so top secret even I don't know anything about it. [asking
    about Fake]
 2. Whispering on the golden dawn says "Oh sweet satan we exalt
    thee you silly old devil!" [asking about the whispering on "The 
    Golden Dawn"]
 3. The significance is of no significance to you. [asking about
    the significance of the phrase "The Dream King" hidden on 
 4. Yes. Them. [probably about a CD of tracks only currently
    on vinyl, but it still hasn't happened]
 5. Hope you like the book

       Lots of Love

       <signed> Kilbey xxxx"
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