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Dreams about The Church Print E-mail
Friday, 17 December 2004

Others may consider it kind of weird to share one's dreams about a band with the entire world, but on the Seance mailing list things are different. We understand how easy it is to get really hooked on this band !

Naturally, if you've got any other dreams to add to this page please mail me and I'll put the story here....but remember, there could be children reading !

Dreaming of The Church

Others may consider it kind of weird to share one's dreams about a band with the entire world, but on the Seance mailing list things are different. We understand how easy it is to get really hooked on this band !

Naturally, if you've got any other dreams to add to this page please mail me and I'll put the story here....but remember, there could be children reading !

September 20th 1998
I rarely if ever dream about the Church, but with the L.A. HOB show looming I have obviously had it on my mind and had a really wild dream about it last night. I basically dreamt about the entire show. All the L.A. Seancers were meeting at this hotel which was really a houseboat. They were ALL staying in my room. My room looked like a regular hotel room, but like I said, we were floating on the water and the next room over was my mother's living room! The water was the clearest, most gorgeous blue I've ever seen.

Anyway, everyone kept filing in, bringing in their stuff and throwing it down. There were cats everywhere (including my own). I got angry because someone buried my cat Zoe on the couch with all their clothes and suitcases. One of my friends (Cathy, who unfortunately probably won't make the shows since she's have major surgery Tuesday) was on the phone, and when I told her to come on, she said she couldn't, she was being arrested for not paying one of her bills! Then I started trying on all these different black shoes. (???)

Then I went to the HOB with my MOM (who doesn't eve know who the band is!) and all these paparazzi started taking pictures of us (been living in L.A. too long). Then Marty came up to me, really, really drunk and said, "I know where you got that shirt" and I'm like, boy is he drunk and I said, "I don't think so" and he totally started being really flirtatious and saying he knew and I said, I think I got it at Macy's. (Is this the stupidest dream or what?)

Then we went to the House of Blues (which I've never been too) and the whole thing was like a small amphitheatre filled with the most grogeous blue velvet seats. I saw where the band was set up and thought, oh, I guess we'll sit down in front. Then I started talking to Steve, who was walking amongst the blue seats. Then I woke up.

Somehow I think (hope) the reality of tonight's show will be different. ; )

25th May 1998
Marlys McGregor
I had a church dream this weekend. First I was watching some sort of documentary on them. It was at a recording studio. Steve just sort of walked through and didn't say much he just smiled and waved. He had short streaked hair that was light blond-brown and a goatee. He looked very good (redundant?). Marty though, was sitting at a booth type table and was talking a lot. Telling old war stories from the road or something I don't remember what he was saying that well. But, he looked old and like a caricature of himself mixed with Meatloaf sort of. It was scarey.

Then I was in this room with a lot of couches at some sort of festival or fair and was suprised to learn that The Church were about to play so I sat up front on a long black silk couch, I was the only one sitting in front. They came out and there was a power problem or something. I remember thinking they were not getting the proper amount of respect. When they finally started and they played "Torn" (by Natalie whatever her name is, the Australian soap star) I could recognize Steve's voice and the song actually sounded good (I really hate it in un-dream life). But, of course, The Church could cover 80's Glam Metal and make it sound good. I was almost laying down and wanted to straighten up and that is when I woke up. That was really one of those dreams where you try to go back to sleep and get back into.

The End

27th March 1998
Anne Ward
Started off sadly - someone I work with came to tell me that one of my friends had died (one of twin sisters) and another male friend also. I walked away from him and ended up (in the dark) in a lorry park beside a motorway. Who starts walking to me from between the trucks but SK!! (Obviously finished fixing that Land Rover with my brother...) [Brian: see below]

He told me to go with him and we walked away into daylight and a grassy area on which there was a marquee, draped in sort of spring/lime green cloth. We walked inside it and he said to me this was where he lived, and asked me to help him pull the drapes down so he had some privacy. I remembering thinking "How do I tell him that he still doesn't have any privacy from all the people outside even with the drapes pulled down?" but couldn't bring myself to say it.

John Micek
Hi all.
I can't think of a single good reason to share this, except that it was one of the strangest dreams I've had for quite some time.

I am at the Hartford (Conn. USA) Civic Center, and I am reviewing the Aerosmith concert for my newspaper (actually happened). The band are keeping the support act secret until the final moment. I am invited by Steve Tyler and Joe Perry to go backstage (once happened when I interviewed Tripping Daisies), and discover that the support acts are none other than MWP and Paul Westerberg.

Marty arrives wearing the same shirt he wore in the Dublin gig photosw/Steve. His hair is tied back, and he's wearing a blue, linen bush hat over it. He's only carrying the Takamine 12-string, and I shyly go up and introduce myself. He is, of course, highly gracious, and agrees to a brief interview before the gig.

At the same time, we're watching MTV News and Kurt Loder comes on to announce that Marty's new solo record is becoming the fastest-selling new record on the American alternative charts. That cheers him an awful lot, and he mentions to me that he heard the version of "She's King" I did on the Seance covers tape, and really liked it a lot. Just then, Steve Tyler appears to tell me that Paul Westerberg isn't going to be able to play because he's ill, and do I know of a support act that might be available on short notice?

I grab MWP's 12-string, and play a few of my own songs. Tyler agrees to give me Westerberg's slot, and I'm going to open for MWP. Then, for whatever reason, there are a slew of logistical problems, and the show is delayed by an hour or two. Aerosmith's road manager announces that neither I nor Marty will have our opening spots because of the lateness of the hour. So, Marty and I go out into the crowd to watch Aerosmith.

My alarm rings ... Time for work .... Sigh ..... if only any of it (except Aerosmith) were true.

Rhys Morrison
I dunno, maybe it was the full moon that set us all off, but i had a weird church dream last night as well. i was living somewhere in new england, but it was a perfect new england with a touch of euphoria added. steve and marty came over to my flat, they were in the area, and it seemed that marty had offered to give me a substantial portion of his vinyl collection, but since even in the dream he couldn't drive steve was bringing marty and the vinyl to my house (okay, this has a semi-correlation in real life - i'm planning to move back to the uk, and a friend there has a huge vinyl collection he was going to get rid of, but said he'd save it for me instead). we all go outside for a walk, more perfect new england, but with a twist - the grass is the greenest you've ever seen, the weather is just right, and it's twilight, the sky is the most beautiful violet colour (violet town only really really nice? i don't know). the best bit is that suddenly we all become twenty years younger. *sigh* - that's where the euphoria comes in. nothing earthshaking in our conversation, just chatting about this and that. when it's time for them to leave, they both say 'you'll be at the gigs tomorrow and the night after won't you?' and even though i haven't heard anything about any shows, of course i say 'yes' - should've known i was dreaming at that point, i didn't even ask 'when where how huh???' :)

they leave, i wander back into my apartment building wondering about these gigs and how i'll manage this. at the concierge's desk, i notice a bunch of tickets for church shows in connecticut (whoa!) , the church is indeed playing there for two nights. how do i get a ticket??? an old ruse, i ask the concierge to please get that letter that seems to be in my pigeonhole behind her, when she turns around, i filch a ticket. when she turns back to give me the letter, i ask her if she's ever heard of this band called the church. oh, yes, she says, very popular with the young people, they're playing two nights in a row, and both shows sold out within two hours of the tickets going on sale. she indicates the packet of tickets on the desk, which have been ordered by various other tenants and seem to have just arrived. don't remember the name of the club, but it did only seat 400 people. (maybe we were all catapulted back in time!) i can't figure out how i could have possibly missed out on hearing about any of this, but that's okay, in whatever crazy-world we're living in, the church is a huge success by its standards. and it does seem like a very good world, at least the little bits of it i get to see. i'm feeling quite happy about it all, in any case.

boring next day, and that afternoon as i get into my car to drive off to connecticut, reality intrudes in the form of my next door neighbours deciding to play some eric clapton album so loudly that it makes my furniture shake. i wake up, never having gotten to the gig - damn! now i'm wondering if our own john micek would've been the opening act ;)


Tony Kern couldn't remember much of his dream.
I only remember that it was in a very strange sort of rundown house/bar and i just happened to run into him in a tucked away room. during the conversation i kept wanting to ask him about a particular story in the 'earthed' booklet as if i thought he could give some important information i had been looking for... but the conversation strayed and i never got a chance to ask him. oh ya, i noticed during the short meeting that i had bright red socks on! (any fine tuned freudians out there!?) - tk

Stefan Horlitz
It's not really a church dream, but i'm very very sure (don't ask why) that "gilt trip" is responsible for it.

there was a rock festival, and all i know is that johnny cash was headliner. the presenter, somehow reminding me of the "fat bastard" before carter usm concerts, announced that cash would "introduce his new style". lights went off and cash, looking like granite and wearing a paisley shirt, entered the stage with a quite big, but not really visible backing band. then they started to play in green lights. is anyone able to imagine a music that, as far as i know, does not exist?

perhaps 'goldie meets fellow travellers+the cocteau twins', but somehow it was still country&western with rickenbacker appeal...they went on and it all sounded very cool. johnny was singing emphatic and happy in a strange falsetto range, quite near to liz fraser...

perhaps rick rubin's not the right man, i think steve and robin guthrie could do it.


Me, your humble host
It must be the collector's mentality but my Church dreams often feature long-lost records or albums that were recorded but never released. Sideline: I've had days where I after I wake up I still believe that I own, somewhere, a weird compilation of Church outtakes that I can never find, no matter how hard I search the house ! It's a very weird feeling :)

Anyway, I dreamt I was in a record shop in Sydney and found two albums I'd never seen before. One was in a plain white cover and it was an album Steve recorded and only released in Sweden, the other I can remember nothing about. What I *can* remember with astonishing clarity are the "cardboard movie cards".

Picture two pieces of off-white rectangular cardboard about 9 inches wide and 5 inches high (so much for the metric system....). The borders are clumsily filled in with highlighter-pen colours and have water/coffee stains. Mounted on the cardboard is a piece of plastic like that stuff that you can tilt back and forth and see 4 or 5 frames of animation, except in MY dream you get to see a twenty minute Church concert !! This is probably linked with my semi-obsession with recording Church concerts on video, something with I have been lucky enough to do in real life.

The first cardboard movie thingy was of Steve, circa 1984, singing. His eyes were wide open and he seemed to be glaring angrily into the audience, pointing at someone with his left hand. For some reason his hair was afro-sized ! I mean BIG !

The second one had Marty, circa 1982/83 on the right, facing left and "out" of the card (ie over your left shoulder if you're holding the card.) He's wearing a hat and long scarf like Tom Baker in Dr Who. The other three guys...erm..including the drummer I suppose :) are gathered around a single microphone on the left of the card. They're doing "backing vocal" type motions while a bug-eyed Marty is singing away. Unfortunately these cardboard movie card thingies didn't have audio tracks, so there's no new songs to report.

As weird as these dreams are, it's nice to know my subconcious and I agree on this topic - it keeps me supplied with memories that never happened and I wake up smiling :)

15th July 1997
Matt Curley brought this page to Steve's attention...
This is a true story. When I was about 19 years old, I dreamt that Steve was talking to me about guitars and different styles of "strumming". Later on, I was in a music store, with a old friend, I grabbed the most expensive guitar and started playing MWP's intro to "Reptile". (the album Starfish had been out for six months).

That's it....but.....about a year ago (this isn't a dream) I host a radio show & I got Steve's phone number, rang him and asked him for an interview. He said YES :)).

Since then, I've interviewed him a second time, and he promised me when he returns to Oztralya (with the NEW CHURCH ALBUM RECORDED - YES IT IS HAPPENING):) I will interview him for a third time. I also gave him a copy of YOUR DREAMS [this web page] (he Loved BTurnip's dream, and will be using the lyrics for a future song from another dream, fingers crossed)

1st June 1997
Kevin Bonham's dream actually has a punchline.
I'm stranded for 24 hours in a trashy northern Victorian town where (after various non-Church-related adventures) I find a small arcade between two shops. It is utterly derelict and various broken machines are strewn across the floor. But there is still one shop open, a strange triangular shop with a CD player, about 20 CDs and ... nothing else. I don't know the salesman but he tells me that he got "that Kilbey CD" in for me, and with this takes a normal looking Narcosis and puts it in the player.

I'm about to tell him I already have N and N+ but then I notice the cover is different; there is a photo of Kilbey leaning against a grey wall on the back and his hair and beard are a rusty orange colour. I check the track listing and note there are a couple of bonus tracks listed. Track seven has a very long title and a footnote saying "Features the gorgeous vocals of Mr Kilbey's infant daughters ..." (*Nasty. Sounds like Jimmy Barnes, doesn't it?*) but not only are the names wrong but one of them is three years older than the other. Track eight has a much shorter title. I take the CD out of the player and the artwork on the CD has changed ... it now features a black-haired, clean-shaven Kilbey against a blue/black background.

Remembering that Narcosis had five tracks, I put the unlisted track six on and it is the most gorgeous, perfectly polished version of Anna Miranda you could ever hope to hear.

"Great song" says the salesman. "That was their biggest hit, you know. They did a very rough take with different lyrics, something about a milky way. Always wondered how that one would have turned out."

23rd May 1997
John Garratt had a musician's nightmare:

I had a dream that I was hired to play for a band at a gig. The band wanted to play "The Unguarded Moment." I knew how to play it, so I played the introduction perfectly. When we got to the chords, I played the wrong ones. Completely! Everybody in the crowd looked at me weird. Then I woke up. The Church was never in my dream, but a Church dream nonetheless.

28th May 1997

I dreamt I saw Steve Kilbey last night. He was signing autographs at his house in the suburbs. Everyone knew about it, and people were on their way to see him. I parked like what seemed miles away from his place, making a very circuitous route, cutting through people's houses and some kind of wedding reception. Upon reaching what was his yard, I heard two people talking, one with an Australian accent. For some reason I figured it was Marty, but it turned out to be Steve talking with someone whom I know vaguely.

They were just finishing up their conversation and Steve seemed glad to see another person. The guy was telling Steve that he was hungry and asking where he could get a bite to eat. Steve told him there was a place a couple of blocks away which served junk food, one of the places I had cut through to get there. Steve asked him if he had gotten into any accidents and the guy said, "yes, I got into two or three on the way here. I busted the headlights and crumpled the front bumper." Steve mentioned in passing the name of someone I know very vaguely (Carlos) and said that he could probably fix it.

Then Steve said, "no, I dont mean that kind of accident." The guy looked confused and I said, "any accidents of love?" Steve nodded like that what was what he had meant. The guy said no and eventually left. Steve turned to me and I told him that I had written to him (which in reality I haven't) and that my name was Drew. "Oh, Andrew," he said and seemed to vaguely remember me. He was really nice but I didnt have much to talk to him about. I hadn't even brought something for him to autograph. We didnt mind, though, and I soon left via a different route to meet up with some friends who were out in the suburbs.


14th May 1997
Lady Lazarus...


I found another email from Me-My-Cats-Tail that I'd forgotten to post - sorry !
from my despair-driven decision in the cultural desert of 1997 to hang myself in a cornfield came a series of dreams along the following lines...i board,emotionally ironed,the school bus on the way home at 4.45 and lo!marty is in the seat behind is the 1987 version of his fringe and he tells me how depressing his day at school was.(me thinks this came from rewinding the"dreaming spyer from the world of death scene in goldfish )touched,i abandon my previous plans to spring from the vehicle at my stoppe and feel a euphoric rush of "zing"as the bus whizzes past it.marty rises to leave at a billowing golden cornfield and i follow him,at the invitation of his outstretched,ivory hand.we frolic in the fields for a while brandishing poppies and then we trip over and..............;)
me-mycats tail

3rd Feb 1997
Jonathan Slater had an unusual dream....

Picking up on some recent messages regarding dreams we have had involving The Church (you know how they creep into your very essence, your soul, and begin to enter all realms of your subconcious as well as every waking state), I recently had this dreamtime vision:

The setting was not too elaborate, very simple really. I was in a record store. It was one of the "chain" stores, the ones that have a limited selection and only seem to carry what the mindless masses dictate (am I being too harsh?). Anyway, I was leaving the store after searching without luck for any Church recordings in any form when something caught my eye.

There in its own display stand, containing many copies (more than I have ever seen of any Church release in one place) was this new album which was obviously receiving a lot of public attention and record label promotion. As I looked at the mostly orange cover sporting no discernable design, I noticed a sticker which in essence read:

"The hit release from xxxxxxxxxx (I didn't register a band name in my dream), featuring Richard Ploog"

That's right, Richard has hit the big time. The sticker didn't even say "...of The Church". Rather, it stated his name alone as if this was his vehicle all the way with a band assembled to support him.

I don't recall buying the album, but I would love to know what it must have sounded like. I suppose in this particular dream world, Mr. Ploog's voice was heard on the radio constantly on one hit song from this album after another.

And in London and Stockholm/Sydney, Marty Willson-Piper and Steven Kilbey must have been just stunned.

22nd December 1996
A dream and Strange Occurrence from TerraNova9

I dreamt i saw the cover of a new Church album. Steve, Peter, Marty & Richard were standing between two large rock formations on a beach with an ocean in the background. I remember clearly that it was not on Warner Bros. but on a new label. The name of the album: "Ocean Icon". Five months later "Starfish" was released on Arista.

One of many strange occurrances: Marty's "Rhyme" had just been released when I was digging through some old lyrics I had found that I had written sixteen years earlier. A page fell out of the notebook and when I went to pick it up I noticed the song title I had written at the top of the page: "CASCADE". In addition there was a line in the song that went "you're cascading down, you're touching the ground". Needless to say I began to wonder if there was in fact some sort of plane or other dimension that we can all tap into, sort of a cosmic Internet if you will. The odd thing was I was just getting turned on to CAN's "Ege Bamyasi" at the time I wrote the lyrics!

8th December 1996
has sent me a Church Nightmare - the first I've seen.

I don't know what the deal is, I haven't had a dream about the Church in two years, but I found a dream I recorded in my journal from 20 February 1995:

4:47 a.m.

I was in the grocery store again, in the bread aisle, when I looked up and saw Steve Kilbey. I was at one end and he was at the other. He said something, but I couldn't hear him, and then he started chasing me with a loaf of whole wheat, which faintly alarmed me, so I ran. He looked really pissed.

Then at some point (it gets all jumbled here) I was standing by the meats section (the rows of cold cuts had brand names and had so much detail, this part is still vivid to me), and Peter was in the back where they process meat and he had a cleaver and was hacking away at Mrs. Abraham (my old chemistry teacher from high school)!!! Apparently the old hag had been dead for some time, he was just knocking himself out whacking away at her. However, this too alarms me for some reason so I run again. He looked really enthused about it!

(The dream jumps here to where I'm playing bingo with Epic Soundtracks and he keeps cheating. This is actually the part of the dream I wrote the most about but for the sake of relevance...)

Then I'm driving down this old country road a few miles from my house, and my car breaks down in front of this guy Brandon's house. But I somehow end up inside the house, which didn't look familiar to me at all, and Steve is there instead. I remember the murderous look on his face from earlier so I attempt to hide before he notices I'm in his house. So I'm hiding on the floor behind this really ugly green couch and Steve becomes the kid from the Twilight Zone movie who gets anything he wants. And this other poor soul I didn't recognize had wandered in the house too, and Steve finds him and decides to have this big fat maid cook him (the intruder, not Steve) in a big pot with carrots, just like Bugs Bunny. I MAKE myself wake up at this point.

I haven't had a Church dream since.

BTurnip tops the list with this bizarre dream - someone should make a video out of this !
The Church were all playing in my stomach, and it was like hell for them to be there. I mean like died-didn't-pass-muster-at-the-pearly-gates hell. I don't really know why their hell was playing in my stomach, but it was really tiny for them. Richard and Peter had to play in the back, and Marty and Steve were side by side in the front.

Marty was playing a white guitar, I think it was a Ric, but that might be a stretch! :) Steve was playing the same old blue fender 4 string bass I had seen him with before. Steve was wearing something understated and dark blue or black, PK was wearing black and playing a black guitar, except I had the impression that sometime he was faking it. Marty had on a funky shirt that was kind of silvery white with red waves running vertically.

My stomach was red, similar to the inside of one's mouth.

The point was, Marty was pissed he was in hell, or that he was in this paticular version of hell. He was taking his guitar and stabbing in my stomach. He would grab it at the base of the neck and the bottom of the body and ram it into the walls. It was held up by the strap and he would ram it in the wall, defiant or something. I can't remember if he was playing or not. I can't remember if there was any music in this dream or not.

While Marty was being pissed, Steve was just looking down at the ground, sort of, and playing. He had this jaded, what-the-hell, I knew-it-all-along look about him.

I can't recall what Pete and Richard were doing. I do recall thinking that my stomach should hurt, but it didn't, not even after I woke up.

This is one of my own :
Just woke up from a pretty surreal dream which I thought I'd add to this page. I was visiting Marty's childhood home, a genuine Olde Englishe ancestral home. The rooms were richly decorated, dark red wallpaper, dark stained furniture etc. Marty was wearing a red waistcoat, black trousers and a flat, square gold lam? necktie with grey speckles on it. There were also small gold leaf epaulets that lay on his shoulders.

There was a big lake at the back of the house, which was the venue of a toy yachting competition. The current competitor was a baby in pink nappies (looked like Baby Herman from the Roger Rabbit movie) who was not only an expert yachtsman, but also danced across the surface of the water a couple of times !

Back inside the house I started looking at some of the paintings on the wall. They were all done like a child's line drawings, except they were painted with only red, green and blue, in large areas. There was also a strange metallic gloss to the colours. All were signed by "Zoe", which is the name of Marty's wife.

At one point Marty walked towards me, but looking past me, saying "You know, being here again I can almost feel..." then he passed by and I lost sight of him.

All in all, a way cool dream !

I was at an open air, nighttime concert. The venue was shaped like a funnel, so the audience sat on wooden benches in a tiered semi-circle facing the wide concrete stage. I was close to the front (but I'm always at the front at Church concerts :-) ) and there was a huge, ugly, dark-blue advertising banner stretching over the stage. It was for a Melbourne radio station that I don't even listen to, so I guess my subconcious is a sucker for retaining corporate logos and other such mental flotsam.

Anyway, The Church came on and started playing. It was Steve, Marty and Peter - I didn't notice who was drumming. Here's where things start getting weird....they started playing Pink Floyd songs. And they had a horn section and three girls on backing vocals ! I think this stems from an interview Steve did where he spoke with disdain about what Pink Floyd has become in recent years - he mentioned all those elements.

And here's the Big Weird Bit. While Steve sang and played, Marty and Peter were doing CHOREOGRAPHED DANCE STEPS ! Ever see a group called The Shadows ? Well it was just like them ! The cheesiest and uncoolest thing I could subconcious must hate me. Why couldn't it have played me an undiscovered classic Church song instead :)

Brett Henderson lamented not being able to remember more of his dreams:
Marty comes over to my house. I'm very calm about it. As if he visits often. He picks up my cheap Korean made acoustic and says "Wow! This is reeeally great" In an amazing display of wit, I stand there with my mouth open for a few seconds then say "aaaaaaaaaaaa......"
Anne Ward tells the following story....
"Last night I went to sleep and dreamed that S Kilbey was due to visit my house. Great excitement - unfortunately, he then turned up wearing a loud pink badly-fitting suit with a pink, purple and green shirt. He then went outside in the rain and started trying to fix a Land Rover engine with my brother!!! I should add that each is as unlikely as the other to be seen under the bonnet of a Land Rover...

PS: he appeared to be only about 5 foot tall as well.. I know he's not the tallest guy in the world but I do remember him being a little nearer the sky than that!?!"

James Dignan got lucky....
Not only have I heard a "new church song" in my dreams, but the band I was in at the time recorded it. Not very well, unfortunately, and it sounded very little like the Church. Ideally, it would have sounded like a cross between Shriekback and the Sisters of Mercy - a worrying concept. The lyrics:

(James, I hope its OK to leave these lyrics here - I'll remove them if it's not.)

In the middle of a desert grow white trees,
and you know they're there.
You can sense them, you can feel them
But you can never show it
In the middle of an ocean waters freeze,
yet they boil like fire
And you sense it, and you feel it
But you can never say that...
In your mind, and in your eyes, in everything you dream
In your mind, and in your eyes, in everything you dream they're waiting...

Beyond a river of crystal and ice,
beyond the ash and coal
Beneath a sky of burning black
you will find another role
Beyond a light that burns in your mind
Beyond the falling dark
Beneath a sky of liquid fire
You will find they've left their mark
In your mind, and in your eyes, in everything you dream
In your mind, and in your eyes, in everything you dream they're waiting...
Not very Church-ey, is it? Nothing like *my* usual songs, either.
Kevin Gamble had one too, and it's Way Spooky !
Yes, it's finally happened to me...I had a dream about the new Church album.

It started out with me going to a Peter Koppes solo show; I was quite excited, as he hasn't put out anything for the last few years. I thought he was very good, very strong as a solo artist. Strangely, the show also involved some comedy skits and spoken-word performance; it may sound weird but it was very good in the dream.

Then I was somehow carried off, and was reading about what Peter was up to in some kind of Australian magazine, where the journalist was actually speaking to me; her voice sort of trailed off and I turned to a page which had a list of the "10 worst artists-turned-business-mongers", and Kilbey was at the end of the list, slightly offset from the others! Then I turned to another page which listed the "10 worst band personnel changes", and the Church was on this one too! But I knew somehow that they weren't talking about Koppes, it was newer than that...I then realized that there was a new Church release!

Then I had the CD in my had no words on the cover, and the title on the spine was "Mr. Sweet". The cover image was a graveyard, like in the "Two Places at Once" video, but mostly grey and green. At first that's all there was on the cover, but then Kilbey's face appeared, transparent and ghostly. I wondered if Marty was gone, there was another ghostly face on the seemed to be made from papier-mache. I thought that it was a replica of Marty at first, but I looked closer and it was Steve again. There were 12 songs on the album, I think, though I can't remember any titles.

I opened the CD case, saw the disc and then without hesitation, pried open the disc's tray to find another disc inside! Rather than the usual little plastic ring that holds the disc at its center, there were two ornate crossbars, laying over the disc in an "X" pattern. I gently lifted these up, trying to figure out how the closing mechanism worked...

And that was it.

Ken Sabatini found a special re-release
Alright, the dream. I will try to make it brief, knowing how less interesting dreams are to the hearer than the dreamer. I dreamt I was looking through the used CD racks of an Athens record store, when I came across a Church CD I didn't recognize. It was a violet purple type color and was titled, "Remote Luxury--Producer's mix." I looked at the songs and there were 19 of them, and the CD was over 90 minutes long. It opened with a 9 minute version of Constant in Opal and had a bunch of studio dabblings by the boys along with comments by them made during the recording process. I don't know what the significance of all these 9's are. Anyway, it cost only $8! I bought it and opened the case to find it was not a circle at all, but rather a bizarre hexagon--kind of like an unsymmetrical star. It didn't spin right a first, but on the second try those Constant in Opal guitar notes began to go from speaker to speaker and I was in Hog Heaven, so to speak.

(Brian adds: That price may have a significance Ken doesn't realize. A certain list member found Temperature Drop In Downtown Winterland, the Holy Grail of Church collectors, for just $8 in a record store that should have know better. I think Ken's dream was an expression of justified jealousy :-) )

Larry Nittler's dreams are so grandiose (and short !) that Steve Kilbey only rates a cameo appearce !
I ha a dream a few months ago that I was hanging out with the Beatles (actually just Paul and Ringo) in my parents' house, and Steve Kilbey came in, looked in the refrigerator and left again.
Kurt Ozog sees a bright future for the boys
I've recently had a dream of The Church, and it was my first ever. But I dreamt Steve and Marty were on David Letterman, and I guess were promoting the new album. They were sitting side by side, and I remember they both looked incredibly young, like teenagers. Marty was talking about the different things the new album has, and out of nowhere, he said, "...and we have junk food..." and he proceeded to bring out a big bowl of potato chips, Doritos, and assorted candies. Steve's eyes grew wide and wild at the sight of the bowl of "junk food", and began groping for the bowl with his hand. Kinda funny, yet wierd. I guess this could have something to do with that post I read a while ago about Steve putting on weight. Just thought I'd share that one with y'all.
Paul Webb (my lyrics "offsite backup" man) dreamt....
I have had several Church related dreams, although they are usually about the same thing. Most often I am in a record store, and find a bunch of albums I have never seen before. The cover art is always pretty cool, and I even read the track listings, and can sometimes remember the song names, but alas, I never get to hear any of it :( Once though, I was at Peter and Marty's house (Steve must have been off in someone else's dream at the time), and the 3 of us were hanging out, and I was going through a huge stack of bootleg cd's that they had. Again, I never got to hear any of it.

As for interpreting this dream, I think it's pretty obvious where my head's at.

At this point Kevin Gamble took a step back and summarized the discussion
There seems to be one common element in a lot of these dreams--the dreamers never get to _hear_ the music on these dream-world CDs, bootlegs, etc. Has anyone had a dream where they find some alien Church disc and actually hear what's on it? Or is the hearing of the music a symbol for personal actualization, something we're all lacking as we idolize these two to four Australian blokes, something never to be reached as long as we look for it in a piece of Church music? And WHAT was Steve looking for in Larry's refrigerator ???

Brian Adds: Hey, does anyone remember the "Larry's our attorney" lyrics mixup around August '95 ? Where Steve notice that the lyrics page had "Larry's our attorney" instead of "Letters are returned" in Authority ? I see a potential Spooky Connection here....Larry....are you.....*cue dimished chord* ATTORNEY ?!?! Life imitating art ?!

On with the dreams ! Joseph Burns almost got to hear some music
I did once have a dream in which i found an alien church disc and was very excited about it, and got to listen to a track or two before waking... although the song faded and disappeared from memory faster than 'A New Season'... such is to be expected . It was before SA/SE came out and I think the music in the dream had a lot to do with the snippet of Drought I had heard on that video comp which had turned into an intense longing for new church music in my subconscious... either that or steve was telling me from beyond the wall of sleep "dont worry my deer little dolphin the end of this drought is just around the next corner..."
'Jeff' managed to remember some music !
.... this caused me to remember a rather odd dream that i had almost three years ago.

after a long day of driving in january of '93, i had this dream. basically, i had procured a copy of steve kilbey's new ep (not a real ep, mind you. just a product of my subconscious. the cover was red--somewhat like my bloody valentine's "loveless"--but i don't recall the title). i went into a room that contained nothing but a state-of-the-art stereo, a couch and speakers that were the size of the wall to either side of the couch. believe me, this was some kind of impressive stereo sound!!!

this new ep contained four tracks that were stylistically *somewhat* along the lines of "narcosis" (my favourite kilbey recording, btw). i was very impressed with it in my dream, but the amazing thing was that i could remember some of one track when i woke up! i don't remember the title, but i could remember the melody, general chord pattern and arrangement--and even one line of the lyric. the song had a fairly full arrangement for the first few minutes, but at the end there was a sudden intense split in the stereo, and as the song faded out there was only a strummed acoustic guitar in the left speaker and kilbey's incredibly recorded voice in the right. very interesting.

the lyric that i can remember went:

"still plays on
   the ancient song
      bereft and stealing life..."

this was repeated over and over at the end. i don't remember any other lines, however. as a musician/songwriter, i did sit down and work out the piece, but i have never gotten around to recording it. i call it "kilbey" when i refer to it, and i hope to record it someday.

Erin Morgan was expanding her artistic horizons
My only church dream was in a museum with PK,MWP, and SK. We were the only ones there looking at a painting that had the colors/patterns of the Russian Autumn Heartsingle. (Ed: Red / Violet / Yellow ) I'm not sure since I don't have the single. But the boys were taller than me (6'3") and were really tan. I thought that they were with the Australian national basketball team rather a band.
William gets straight to the point :-)
I used to have a re-occurring dream that Steve and the boys were getting me extremely high and laughing very hard at me.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Another one from me !
It must be all this talk of Church dreams, but I had one with Marty in it last night. Someone had an 8mm projector and was showing Marty's new video, in black and white and I was videoing it off the screen with my camcorder. It was very good quality, lots of high contrast shots in what was like a "Western ghost town" kind of setting, with Marty staring past the camera looking lost in thought. The sky looked almost black most of the time.

I remember thinking "Some frame captures of this will look cool in Shadow Cabinet !" All this means is that I'm either video-obsessed, "Cool Marty Pictures" - obsessed, Web Page obsessed or a combination of the three !

Monica Green sort of disappointed herself ;-)
Oh, my gosh...I just woke up from my first Church dream ever...

Well, sort of, it had lots of people from my past that were also interested in music, especially that with guitars in it. Somehow I actually met Steve Kilbey (Brian Adds : Tell me about it ! I was there with you :) Frustrating , wasn't it ?!)

I was still in college and it was pre-meeting my husband, so...well, I better not share any more details. But suffice it to say that the intimacy was all in discussion not in physical even in dreams I'm faithful to my husband

Monica Green

Brian Smith 16 Dec 2004

I think that working so much on the new Shadow Cabinet has gotten to me.  I had a really vivid Church dream last night - I was picked to replace Steve Kilbey in the band !  Yeah I know, delusions of adequacy, but as Marcus Cole says in Babylon 5 "If you're going to have delusions you might as well have the really satisfying ones !"

I don't remember why Steve had to step down, but he was there to supervise and test the new guy, and I was the first choice.  I was happy till I realized my singing is so-so at best and my bass playing skills are almost non-existent.  Marty and Peter (no Tim ?) seemed unenthusiastic but didn't object to me being there.  There was a concert that night so I practiced a little and we went on stage.

At this point the whole thing turned into a soccer match against Pakistan. And why not.  My subconcious must have been protecting me from being a crappy frontman and bass player by turning the whole show into a game, and we won 19-1. That translated into a really good performance, but the band told me they'd found someone else instead who was already a singer and bass player, so I thanked them and went on my merry (only slightly mad) way, knowing that I had personally put on one HELL of Church show !

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