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The Church
  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Who magazine review Priest=Aura Print E-mail
Sunday, 01 March 1992
  Source: Who Magazine (Australia)
    Date: 1992
 Subject: Review - Priest = Aura

  The Church

Despite plugging away in Australia for 12 years, the Church's name
isn't of the household variety a la Midnight Oil or INXS.  Instead they
tend to go on their merry way, content to be possibly our biggest cult
rock band.  They do minimal touring, they profess to detest the "Oz
Rock" ethic and general music-business bally-hoo, individual members
pursue solo projects constantly and every couple of years the band
emerges with a new record for faithful.

Priest=Aura finds the Church at their most ethereal in years. Once
again lead singer-bassist Steve Kilber's lyrics often dip into the
world of mythology, with varying degrees of success. "Kings" is too
cluttered while "The Disillusionist" is just plain annoying, with a
rousing chorus that almost sounds like it comes from an amateur musical

Strangely, the more commercial inroads which the band has made with
catchier singles such as "You're Still Beautiful" seem to have been
diverted here.  Perhaps it can be explained by the fact that the pase
two albums were recorded in Los Angeles and resulted in a more
streamlined sound, while Priest=Aura was done entirely in Sydney and
comes across as being more spontaneous.

There are delights on this album-it's just that they're not of the
immediate variety. The biggest, and perhaps the most pleasant surprise
is "Chaos", which clocks in at over nine minutes, ebbing and flowing
with guitars that alterately caress, echo, squeal and scrape.  They
should do this more often.
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