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Promo sheet for Sometime Anywhere Print E-mail
Sunday, 01 May 1994
  Source: Promo Cassette Info Sheet
    Date: May, 1994
 Subject: Review - Sometime Anywgere


'Sometime Anywhere'.  In this instance, these two words are combined to
create an elusive and spiritual idea.  Any actual interpretation as to
the meaning is left to the listener.  But, regardless of what that
might be, one is left with the feeling that they have experienced
something special.

The same can be said about the relationship between Steve Kilbey and
Marty Willson-Piper, two musicians who together create something
special.  For almost fourteen years they have been the musical core of
The Church.  Now that Peter Koppes has left the band to pursue his own
musical interests, it has come down to Steve and Marty reaching deeper
into themselves to create the newest Church album.  It has been the
chemistry between Kilbey and Willson-Piper that has created the essence
and sound of The Church which is explored and expanded on 'Sometime

Their recorded history began in 1981 with the release of 'Of Skins And
Heart'.  Since then they have released seven other albums: 'The Blurred
Crusade', 'Seance', 'Remote Luxury', 'Heyday', 'Starfish', 'Gold
Afternoon Fix', and 'Priest=Aura'.  Once labeled an "up and coming
alternative Australian band," The Church gained a cult following with
their first five releases but it was the release of 'Starfish' in 1988
on Arista that gained them a widespread audience.  The album featured
the beautiful hit song "Under The Milky Way" and "Reptile."  A major
U.S. tour followed and the band found their popularity here in the
States growing.  Two years later they followed up with 'Gold Afternoon
Fix', which featured "Metropolis" and "You're Still Beautiful."  The
album and tour once again brought the spotlight back onto the group.
The press compared them to the likes of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and
Dire Straits since they had achieved success without having to
compromise their music.

"I feel that it's really important to just write songs without worrying
whether it's going to be a hit or not," Willson-Piper stated.  "As a
musician you should write music to please yourself and if you write a
great song then maybe you'll have a hit.  And that was the case with
'Under The Milky Way.'"

1992's 'Priest=Aura' featured the brilliant single "Ripple."  The album
showcased Kilbey's passionate vocals with Willson-Piper's amazing
guitar work and was well received by long-time Church fans and the
critics.  However, at the end of their Australian tour, Peter Koppes
told Kilbey and Willson-Piper he would be leaving.  "We weren't sure if
the band was going to exist anymore," Willson-Piper said.  "I figured
we would just know if and when the time was right to get back into the

In mid-1993, Willson-Piper left his home in Stockholm, Sweden to join
up with Steve Kilbey as his home in Sydney, Australia to begin working
on what would become 'Sometime Anywhere'.  When the two of them came
together to start writing songs for the album, they weren't sure what
they were going to come up with.  "Originally we were worried about the
chemistry being different after all that time together as a four-man
band; so we just started messing about together in the studio,"
Willson-Piper stated.  The first song they came up with was "Lost My
Touch."  "Once we recorded that, we knew everything was going to fall
into place."

Willson-Piper explains how the atmosphere in the studio was unlike how
it had ever been before.  "The role-playing that used to be a part of
the band was gone.  Steve and I could just create something and not
worry about what everyone's role in the songwriting process would be.
We would just play directly onto tape and see how it came out.  Many of
the songs on the album were first takes."  Kilbey and Willson-Piper
also began to experiment by switching instruments around.  "On some
tracks I would play bass and Steve would play guitar or piano or
whatever.  I couldn't even tell you who played what on many of the
tracks.  It helped bring many new ideas and expanded our songwriting."
Under this relaxed atmosphere, songs like "My Little Problem" and
"Lullaby" were written and recorded.

'Sometime Anywhere' has something no other Church record has ever had.
The song "2 Places At Once" is a duet between Kilbey and
Willson-Piper.  "The way that song came about is interesting.  Steve
and I jammed the song onto tape then went away and wrote separate
lyrics to the song.  Each of us didn't know what the other was writing
and it turned out we had different ideas about what the song we had
written was about.  The great thing about it, I thought, is that the
lyrics really work together very well.  It comes across almost like I'm
singing from Venus and Steve is singing from Mars.  Two different
personalities combining their strengths to create something quite

Two other tracks that highlight the album are "The Maven" and
"Loveblind." "The Maven" captures Willson-Piper's guitar playing at his
best, showing his ability to create dominating chaotic guitar
structures.  While Kilbey's vocals on "Loveblind" are as powerful and
passionate as they have ever been, the two of them also explore
different shades of music on tracks like "Angelica" and "Eastern." They
successfully combine their own sound with different musical styles to
create a fascinating blend.

Steve Kilbey and Marty Willson-Piper have come together again to create
a new meaning for The Church.  It is something to be experienced.
Sometime anywhere....


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