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The Age's "Green Guide" reviews Sometime Anywhere Print E-mail
Monday, 01 August 1994
  Source: Green Guide
    Date: Aug 11, 1994
 Subject: Review - Sometime Anywhere


The transformation of the church into a studio- based group, after
shrinking from a conventional four-piece to comprising only singer and
bass player Steve Kilbey and guitarist Marty Willson-Piper, has yielded
a dense score of giddy acid rhythms, dreamy lyrics and synthesised
washes.  Something Anything is psychedelia updated to incorporate all
of the Brian Eno-pioneered electronic ambience with 1990s technology.

There is barely a noise on the noise that hasn't been remoulded and
smoothed into a wistful soundscape, flowing gently underneath Kilbey's
half- serious Guru lyrics.  They have almost completely discarded the
traditional rock drums and guitar riffery of previous albums,
preferring to trance out on the dance floor.  Rhythmically they employ
drum loops and added layers of percussion that U2 also thought were
necessary to stay relevant in the age of dance music on Zooropa.

There is no song as irresistible as Under The Milky Way on Something
Anything, but Steve Kilbey has produced on of his most charming
melodies on Loveblind, the current single.  Several other songs strike
you as worthy studio experimentations that in no case could be
reproduced live.

Studio albums by bands that can no longer continue touring have a
tendency towards lopsided self- indulgence, but the quality of the
music on this album and its ability to exude a gaunting, cloudy
ambience make this album worthwhile.

SA also includes a seven- track bonus disc, including Drought recorded
live in Amsterdam, which strikes me as something like the Church's
spiritual home city, and a collection of other noddlings by this
imaginative duo.

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