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Fan reviews of Steve and Marty @ Borderline Print E-mail
Friday, 11 September 1998

Steve and Marty @ The Borderline

September 11th and 12th, 1998

Hiya everybody,
Just got back from the second night at the Borderline in London, and although we were all really excited about last night, tonight just blew yesterday out of the fucking water.

They came on earlier, so they did more songs, and (despite some problems with Marty?s gear), they just soared, Marty especially. Grind and Cortez The Killer were just EPIC.

Here?s the set list;

  • Constant In Opal
  • Shadow Cabinet
  • Comedown
  • Providence
  • Tristesse
  • Buffalo
  • Mistress
  • Almost With You
  • Louisiana
  • Grind
  • (Marty changes a string, so Steve does truncated solo versions of Life?s A Gas and Into My Hands)
  • The Night Is Very Soft
  • My Little Problem
  • Under The Milky Way
  • Green Green Grass of Home (really! Only about a minute of it though)
  • A Month Of Sundays
  • 10,000 Miles
  • (Marty has more problems with technical stuff, so Steve does a solo minute or so of Femme Fatale)
  • Reptile
  • Hotel Womb
  • Myrrh
  • Cortez The Killer

Merrick's first night review
I?ve just been to the Steve and Marty gig at the Borderline in London, and it was absolutely brilliant. Steve?s plane didn?t get to London until half past six, and the gig was supposed to start at eight, and Steve had to teach Marty Louisiana before they came on. With all of this they came on late, and a few songs were dropped from the set.

Sorry this isn?t an especially in-depth review, but it?s late and I?m tired, and anyway I?m sure someone else will do all that stuff. here?s the set list;

  • Constant in opal
  • Comedown
  • Shadow cabinet
  • Providence
  • My little problem
  • Buffalo
  • Tristesse
  • Lost
  • Almost with you (Steve got very reluctant about this one to start with, but we all talked him into it. He said it would be the last time ever. Yeah right, like the church ?last albums?and ?last gigs?).
  • Mistress
  • A month of Sundays
  • (Life?s A Gas, the T.Rex song, was on the list here, but they dropped it)
  • Grind
  • Louisiana
  • Under the milky way

    At this point they realised they were running out of time, and dropped Don?t Look Back, The Night Is Very Soft and 10,000 Miles)

  • Reptile
  • Hotel Womb

There was an encore on the set list of Myrrh and Cortez The Killer, the Neil Young song, but they didn?t have time for these.
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