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Scene magazine talks to Marty Print E-mail
Monday, 01 February 1982
Interesting coincidence: In late November 2004, after missing the main part of the Australian tour, I met with Marty while he was being interviewed by the gentleman who directed the videos (films, actually) for You Took and Almost With You, which together formed the film being discussed below.  The director is producing a documentary about his films and spoke to Marty, Peter and Steve about their recollections of making the film and the album. Look for it soon, I guess :)  Later on though, Marty was telling Steve about it and said the most memorable incident was the gentleman's wife constantly reminding the band to "Don't burn the parrot !"  Is there a stuffed parrot in either of those clips ?  And wouldn't "Don't Burn The Parrot" be a good name for a rock band ?
(Transciber Note: I've got a bad photocopy of this article, so much so that 
many words are not even on the page. I've filled in as best I can.)

Church On The Move
By Brett Stavordale

The Church are getting into movies.  The band is producing a short film 
featuring tracks of their new album, The Blurred Crusade, which will be shown
as a support in cinemas.  Members of the Church [have / haven't ?] hired actors
to appear in the film.

"[It's ?] a sountrack with im-? colours and people doing [???]", Marty told
SCENE.  "It's interesting for me because I've never done anything like this 
before."  I'm a little bit in the dark as to how it's going to turn out."

[Transcriber note: In a personal letter Steve explained that this movie is
in fact the clips for Almost With You and You Took.] 

This is the latest step in what has been a rapid rise for The Church.  They 
broke through last year with their single "The Unguarded Moment".  Their first
album, "Of Skins And Heart", has been released overseas with some track changes
and it has received encouraging reviews.  "It's the number one break-through
album in Canada.  Apparently, it's sold 7000 copies in two weeks.  The other
day Peter Koppes had a phone call from a friend in Sweden who said he saw the
clip of Unguarded Moment on TV.  It looks as though it's doing something over

Despite the promising reactions The Church have no immediate plans for an
overseas tour.  "We will not go away to waste time and money."  Marty 
explained.  "We are aware of how crucial it can be, but we will probably wait
until we are asked.  And I must admit, I'd love to be asked."

For The Blurred Crusade, the band used top producer Bob Clearmountain, who has
worked with such people as The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Roxy Music, 
Meatloaf and The Boomtown Rats.

"We met him through a friend of a friend." Marty said.  "He heard our first 
album and really got into it.  He's fantastic to work with and one of the 
nicest guys you could ever meet."  

Marty said that the band had noticed it could be appealing to varying age 
groups.  "We have a lot of different types of fans." he said.  "I mean, my Mum
likes the band and there are 12-year olds who do too.   There seems to be 
something in The Church that can appeal to people from twelve to sixty."
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