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  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Discography and Lyrics
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Hotel Womb - Bulletin Boards Dedicated to the Church Fan



Steve Kilbey's blog
Steve's blog

Immersion Music - Peter Koppes' label
Peter's Labels' Site


Spacejunk - Tim Powles 
Tim's Studio Site


Marty Willson-Piper's Official Homepage
Marty's Facebook


 Heliopolis - a Steve Kilbey site now hosted here

Steve Kilbey fan site, 

(archived here)

Fan reviews of albums, concerts and others

There are plenty of reviews written by non journalists and this is where they live.  These days there's more than I can easily keep up with, so I'll also point you to the good folks at HotelWomb, who write lots of reviews of shows and albums.

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 Date Item Title Author Hits
12/21/10 Review of The Church at the Quarry in Perth 2010 Travis Johnson 674
03/17/09 Concert review of Factory Theatre, March 2009 Aimee-Lee Curran 758
10/09/06 Review of Eumundi show hiimpact 689
10/09/06 Review of show at Revesby, 2006 captain mission 616
08/14/06 Ryan (cstcoach) reviews the Sellersville, PA sho Ryan 839
05/22/06 Review of Marty in Temecula, California Administrator 911
03/22/06 First ULTC concert reviewed, from Brisbane Administrator 898
12/09/05 Beautiful review of Newtown show Julia Luxor 650
11/25/05 Review of Brisbane gig, Nov 24 2005 Jonathan Sargeant 616
11/18/05 Marty at the Sandringham Hotel Administrator 599
11/13/05 Pat's review of Back With Two Beasts Administrator 1287
11/13/05 Fan reviews and photos of the 2000 Box of Birds tour Administrator 634
11/13/05 Fan reviews of 1999 USA Tour Administrator 594
11/13/05 Fan reviews of the 1998 Hologram of Baal tour Administrator 559
04/02/05 A beautiful review of Steve's poetry reading Juliet Greentree 1061
03/21/05 Review of The Saints with Marty Willson-Piper Peter in Copenhagen 814
03/04/04 inspectorjason saw the band after sixteen years of waiting. Jason 840
12/27/04 PostLibyan reviews Forget Yourself PostLibyan 860
06/22/04 review of Marty solo in Santa Monica Jun 2004 Leslie Redden 799
07/01/95 Concert at The Zoo, Brisbane 1995 James McKay 535
06/29/95 Steve and Marty in Melbourne 1995 Brian Smith 955
02/07/95 Morten Skjefte reviews two acoustic shows Morten Skjefte 654
09/11/98 Fan reviews of Steve and Marty @ Borderline Merrick 609
11/30/99 Steve Kilbey in Majorca Evie 792
04/25/98 Reviews of Steve @ Borderline April 25th 1998 Various 1066
10/17/97 1997 Australian Tour: 3 Sydney shows Various 1094
10/18/97 Discussion of filmed 1997 Sydney shows Various 637
10/24/97 Reviews of The Palace, Melbourne, Oct 24 1997 Various 677
09/01/97 Steve Kilbey reviews a "Soundtrack of our Lives" album Steve Kilbey 619
06/05/97 Steve Kilbey in Melbourne June 5th 1997 Various 713
05/30/97 Steve at the Hopetoun in Sydney, May 30th 1997 Various 663
05/29/97 Steve in Brisbane, May 29th 1997 Marty Deveney 777
12/30/96 Collection of thoughts on the 1996 Australian tour Various 699
02/04/96 Steve at a poetry reading Feb 1996 Nathan O'Neill 650
12/16/04 Photo tour of art show featuring Steve's paintings Administrator 961
12/02/04 The Church at the Spiegeltent Brian Smith 704
12/11/04 Review of Earthed, Nineveh, Ephemeron and Poetry Festival appearance Robert Lort 687
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  • Audio Interviews  ( 6 items )

    These are interviews that I have on tape or CD, including both Church and solo interviews.  I'd eventually like to get them all transcribed, so if you're quick with a keyboard and would like to help out, please let me know and I'll put your name on the job.


  • Interviews 2002 to the present  ( 107 items )
    The band continue to record and tour as the new millenium begins. They release Forget Yourself and Uninvited Like the Clouds, as well as two acoustic albums containing new songs and re-imaginings of past favourites.
  • Interviews 1996 to 2001  ( 44 items )
    The band release Magician Among the Spirits, and the collapse of the U.S record company almost causes the band to break up. They decide to continue, and Tim Powles assumes a strong organizational role in the band. Hologram of Baal and After Everthing Now This, as well as a album of covers called Box of Birds.
  • Interviews 1992 to 1995  ( 40 items )
    The band completes its Arista years with Priest=Aura and Sometime Anywhere, which saw the departure of guitarist Peter Koppes and the arrival of drummer Tim Powles.
  • Interviews 1987 to 1991  ( 66 items )
    This period covers the band's period of worldwide fame with the albums Starfish album and Gold Afternoon Fix.
  • Interviews 1983 to 1986  ( 25 items )
    This period will cover mostly the albums Seance, Remote Luxury and Heyday.
  • Interviews from 1980 to 1982  ( 13 items )
    The band formed in 1980 as a three-piece, consisting of Steve Kilbey on bass and vocals, Peter Koppes on guitar and Nick Ward on the drums. Marty Willson-Piper joined shortly afterwards as another guitarist.  Most early interviews were with Steve.
  • "Official" Reviews from the press  ( 193 items )
    Reviews found in magazines and other web sites that are written by music journalists.
  • Other Written  ( 38 items )
    Anything else written that isn't an interview or review.
  • Steve outside the band  ( 27 items )
    Steve's prolific work as a lyricist and singer extends into a solo career and many collaborations with other artists including Jack Frost (with the late Grant McLennan), Hex (with Donnette Thayer) and Isidore with Jeffrey Cain.
  • Press Releases  ( 9 items )
    Press releases are short articles created by the band's record company. They are intended to describe the band to the music press and encourage more coverage.
  • Marty outside the band  ( 15 items )
    Marty has a vibrant career outside The Church.  He has released several solo albums and collaborated with British band All About Eve on two albums.  He also works with longtime friend Dare Mason under the name Noctorum, releasing two albums so far.  These interviews are Marty talking about his non-Church projects.
  • Peter outside the band  ( 3 items )
    Peter has a reputation as one of the best guitarists in Australia and has released several albums outside the Church. These were solo projects and also some with his group The Well, in which former Church drummer Richard Ploog was also a member.
  • Tim outside the band  ( 1 items )
    Tim Powles is a successful record producer and also released a solo album called tygs in space.
  • Other related interviews  ( 8 items )
    There are a lot of interviews in the collection that are about other artists who have a connection to members of The Church. Many Church fans are also fans of such groups as the Crystal Set, Hex, Curious Yellow/Blue and Margot Smith, so these interviews will be collected here.
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