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Peter talks about Greg Hickman and When Reason Forbids Print E-mail
Written by Barry Divola   
Monday, 01 June 1987

Peter talks about Greg Hickman, making solo records and bits of Church history. Did you know that "Hoofs and horns and teeth and bones" was Richard listing the ingredients of chewing gum? This is from On The Street, June 1987

Peter talks about The Well Print E-mail
Written by Ross Clelland   
Saturday, 01 December 1990

Thoughts from Peter about The Well and some information about Richard Ploog's departure from The Church. From Juke Dec 1 1990, Page 11

Review of a live Sydney show before Starfish release Print E-mail
Written by Bernard Zuel   
Monday, 01 June 1987

I'm guessing about the date for this gig; the setlist database ( has very little 1987 data, but there's a 1987 date on the back of the clipping. The songs mentioned are from Starfish, but must be from before the release.


The Metaphysics of Innocence Print E-mail
Written by Guy Allenby   
Wednesday, 15 January 1986

A perceptive interview with Steve from 1986, talking about recording Heyday, and how rock lyrics don't have to be dumb. From RAM #275, Jan. 15, 1986 (thanks, Mike F.!)

Last Updated ( Thursday, 11 November 2010 )
Great interview with Steve from 1992 Print E-mail
Written by John O'Donnell   
Wednesday, 01 April 1992

I really liked this interview with Steve from Australian Rolling Stone, April 1992.  He stands up strongly for his lyrics and music, and talks a little about how Gold Afternoon Fix got off track. His comments on how rock'n'roll should stay dangerous and not be filled with vague optimism are especially interesting.


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