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  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Steve's blog

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 Heliopolis - a Steve Kilbey site now hosted here

Steve Kilbey fan site, 

(archived here)

Peter talks to Joann Ball about Hologram of Baal and Church fans Print E-mail
Written by Joann D. Ball   
Thursday, 01 January 1998
The Church has never stopped using and celebrating the wonderous power of recorded and live music to share energy, expand minds and bring beautiful people together.
Marty talks with Dennis Wollnik about Hologram and current Church news Print E-mail
Written by Dennis Wollnik   
Thursday, 01 October 1998
Open questions for Tim and Peter Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Keohane   
Saturday, 01 August 1998
These questions were originally sent from Kevin Keohane to Steve and Marty. Doug Berry forwarded them on to Peter and Tim, and we have their answers here for you.
Steve talks about his current work Print E-mail
Written by Katherine Yeske   
Saturday, 15 August 1998
This is the full transcript of an interview between Steve Kilbey and Katherine Yeske. Katherine was writing an article for a Los Angeles paper and kindly made this document available.
Steve did an interview before his solo London show Print E-mail
Written by Patricia Howe   
Wednesday, 01 April 1998
The Church's vocalist Steve Kilbey flies into the capitol from Sweden to headline a one-off gig at the Borderline this weekend. PATRICIA HOWE reports.
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