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Ten on Ten - Steve talks about writing ten Church songs Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 19 May 1990

Interesting interview from Juke, May 19th 1990, in which Steve talks about ten songs from Unguarded Moment to Metropolis. He goes into some detail about the process of writing Milky Way with Kaarin, saying he wrote the chords and they both wrote the words.

If you would like to transcribe it, please use the "contact us" link on the left and let me know. I'll put your name on it. 

In Through The Conquista-door - The Church in Spain Print E-mail
Written by Nina Tregub   
Friday, 01 June 1990

This interview was in Juke magazine in May or June 1990. The concerts referred to were on May 3-5, 1990, according to the Concert Chronicle at the discography site.

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Home Brewed Kilbey - Pt 2 Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 19 June 2007

If you would like to transcribe these, please let me know via the Contact Us link in the menu on the left and I'll put your name on the job.


A band interview from BEFORE the first album release Print E-mail
Written by Unknown   
Thursday, 01 January 1981

This is an interesting article, where the journalist speaks to the band before the first album was released. They are listening to the album together with record company staff.  Notice phrases like "shifting units of this new product" and Steve wondering why a band that has only been together 2 months has an American manager (who jokes that Steve is already trying to "sound enigmatic"), and that Marty wants to play Madison Square Garden :)


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Seance review - Depressing. Print E-mail
Written by N.D Plume   
Friday, 01 July 1983
This comes from my clippings collection with no identification of the source or date. On the back, however, is a gig guide for July 9 - 21 at various venues. I'm assuming its 1983, since that's when Seance came out.
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