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The Church
  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Stuart Coupe talks to Steve and gets a quote that causes trouble Print E-mail
Written by Stuart Coupe   
Friday, 05 March 1982
The comments about Steve claiming to be the "best songwriter in Australia" caused problems for his public image.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 11 December 2004 )
Scene magazine talks to Marty Print E-mail
Written by Brett Stavordale   
Monday, 01 February 1982
Interesting coincidence: In late November 2004, after missing the main part of the Australian tour, I met with Marty while he was being interviewed by the gentleman who directed the videos (films, actually) for You Took and Almost With You, which together formed the film being discussed below.  The director is producing a documentary about his films and spoke to Marty, Peter and Steve about their recollections of making the film and the album. Look for it soon, I guess :)  Later on though, Marty was telling Steve about it and said the most memorable incident was the gentleman's wife constantly reminding the band to "Don't burn the parrot !"  Is there a stuffed parrot in either of those clips ?  And wouldn't "Don't Burn The Parrot" be a good name for a rock band ?
Steve talks about the first two albums in this excellent interview Print E-mail
Written by Michael Delaney   
Saturday, 26 June 1982

The first half of this interview was first printed in Juke on June 26th 1982.  If the second half was printed by itself, I don't think I have a copy, but luckily I found a reprint of the ENTIRE interview from December 18th, 1982. Here it is.

One notable point in this piece: Steve says the lyrics to Unguarded Moment were assembled partly from thoughts jotted down while watching the movie Ned Kelly on television. There's a lot interesting discussion about what the music of The Church is intended to achieve.

Last Updated ( Friday, 22 June 2007 )
This new band, The Church might be quite good Print E-mail
Written by John Doe   
Thursday, 01 January 1981
Interesting interview with lots of pre-Church information Print E-mail
Written by Michael Smith   
Saturday, 18 July 1981
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