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  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Reviews of Steve @ Borderline April 25th 1998 Print E-mail
Written by Various   
Saturday, 25 April 1998
Review of re-release of Under The Milky Way single Print E-mail
Written by Rave magazine   
Monday, 11 May 1998

Under The Milky Way

ReReleased May 11th 1998

Marty Deveney posted the following to the Seance mailing list. It was transcribed from a magazine called "Rave".

Under the Milky Way has been rereleased, along with 24 other singles, to commemorate Mushroom Records' 25th anniversary. A convenient money making opportunity? Maybe. A second chance to snap up a landmark release in Australian music history? Definitely. Ten years has passed since its creation, but Under the Milky Way has retained every sliver of its sublime, miserable beauty. The opening strains of its acoustic guitar are now permanently etched into public consciousness, the bagpipe solo has aged considerably better than the one on John Farnham's You're The Voice, and the lyrics still have the unnerving habit of slipping under your skin: I think about the loveless fascination/under the milky way tonight. The concept of reissues may be a little shoddy, but with the original B-sides [Warm Spell and Musk, plus Perfect Child] still intact, Under the Milky Way is well worth a second release.

1997 Australian Tour: 3 Sydney shows Print E-mail
Written by Various   
Friday, 17 October 1997
Discussion of filmed 1997 Sydney shows Print E-mail
Written by Various   
Saturday, 18 October 1997

We all hope this project gets brought back to life at some point. The shows at the Sydney Metro in 1997 were said to be excellent; by the band, the press and fans in the crowd.  What great fortune that there was a multi camera film crew that night, filming the whole thing !  But sadly after viewing a rough edit of the show the band decided not to go ahead with the film. For a short while the possibility of an official  live album, The Church's first, was discussed but that too didn't happen.

Seven years have passed since then and the band have released an "official bootleg", the Enmore video/DVD. So I'm thinking this would be an excellent second live project, don't you ?

This page has a set list and a collection of discussions from the Seance mailing list as to what the album could be called.

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