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The Church
  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Press release for Remote Luxury Print E-mail
Written by Warner Bros Records   
Wednesday, 01 August 1984

This is an official Warner Bros press release, with their logo at the top of the first page. Funniest thing in here: picking Maybe These Boys as a "Church-classic". Time has not been kind to this document.


Announcement of Peters "When Reason Forbids" single Print E-mail
Written by Unknown   
Friday, 01 May 1987

May 1987

In February this year, Greg Hickman who engineered the lighting for The Church suddenly collapsed and died. One of the band members, Peter Koppes, wrote a poem called "When Reason Forbids" to reconcile the loss. the words applied themselves perfectly to an unfinished musical piece and a modern requiem was born. "When reason Forbids", written, performed, produced and recorded by Peter Koppes is now available on record with two enriching instrumentals from Larrikin. 


Steve talks about the band's progress before Heyday's release Print E-mail
Written by Guy Allenby   
Wednesday, 15 January 1986

This interesting interview, The Metaphysics of Innocence, was printed in RAM magazine on January 15th 1986. If you'd like to transcribe it into text, let me know and I'll put your name at the door. Plus one.


Of Skins and Hearts review Print E-mail
Written by Tom Luba   
Thursday, 01 January 1981

This review was included in a press release for the American release of "The Church", a retitled Of Skins And Heart with three tracks from the 1982 double single.  Sadly it doesn't include the source, but the reviewers name is there. The release itself is from January 1982, so the review is from sometime before that.

 For reference, the track list on this album is:

  1. The Unguarded Moment (4:17)
  2. Too Fast For You (3:28)
  3. For A Moment We're Strangers (3:52)
  4. Tear It All Away (4:10)
  5. Don't Open The Door To Strangers (3:24)
  6. Bel-Air (3:56)
  7. Sisters (4:05)
  8. Memories In Future Tense (4:44)
  9. Is This Where You Live (7:38)

(Thanks, fipster!)

Marty and his Shergold guitar Print E-mail
Written by Unknown   
Friday, 01 January 1988

I don't know where this photo and brief interview came from, but it looks like around 1987/88.


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