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  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Latest Releases

Latest Releases
Monsters n Mirages

Steve Kilbey boxed set! All six albums, with extra tracks etc.

The Church - Untitled #23
...five stars in Rolling Stone

No Certainty Attached: Steve Kilbey and The Church

A biography by site-friend Robert Lurie!

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The Time Being | Steve Kilbey
  • The making of Seance
    (blog commissioned by KN) boy in 1982 i was somebody else and i was making my third album i was a confused little pouting ninny our 2nd album had done pretty good but an EP called sing-songs had kinda bombed so here we are late 1982 after a tour taking in sweden where i met karin jansson in australia i was dating that glamorous newsreader yeah you know who i mean the heroin years still 8 years ahead of me angular blah blah blah living in terrace house with russell in rozelle lots of people sitting around taking drugs scruffy young art college types bonging on and smoking cigs white wine and negative photos and clothes patterns and demo tapes open fire me and russell both slightly pyro playing around with it the phone rings with girls asking for russell our voices are similar sometimes they think i am him and its embarrassing when i say no actually thats my brother... i got my studio in the front room i gotta 4 track tape recorder and im knocking out tunes by the dozen i go in there and i fire up the equipment i gotta tr808 drum machine which is responsible for a lot of the drum patterns on seance unfortunately demo-itis had gripped the recording of seance by the balls the demo versions were too closely adhered to and it was my fault the songs never got to really blossom and flow like on blurred crusade and again on heyday they remain kinda rigid lyrically i seem to be playing the part of some Byron-esque melancholia addict reaching through a medium to find my dead fiancee or whatever the fuck its supposed to be the agony of separation the romance of death the triumph of love puh-lease! spare me… anyway back in […]
  • anti meat rant!
    (a commissioned blog for BC) yeah as you all know i became a veg around 17 years of age it seemed like good idea at the time and it still does if i am at all youthful and a survivor of the scourges of drugs surely it can only be my vegetarianism at the bottom of it all because vegetarianism is just the right thing to do all the time dont kill things dont eat their flesh man its the most lose/lose scenario you can imagine a devils deal: murder begetting misery its only obvious if you humiliate and torture some creature its whole life if you kill an innocent beast with an axe or a bolt how can it be that this will not come back upon you? on every single level that something can affect you spirit body mind chemical karma meat is bad medicine my friends that decaying flesh decomposing from the minute that creature dies chopped up in some nightmarish gory filthy abattoir its grisly remains are hacked into bits and packaged up the ugly work of a world gone wrong it is perversion to eat this rotten rubbish when its unnecessary people wake up to the fucking truth meat is killing our planet along with a few other stupid things that carcass hitting your guts and travelling round in your intestines your intestines long n winding road and with weak digestive juice that bit of corpse in your guts for up to three days going off your stomach aint no freezer put a piece of meat in a glass on a table with some weak acid see what happens the things we are meant to eat dont rot in the same way veggies and fruit dont rot like meat nothing rots like meat this flesh full […]
  • dope
    WARning : this blog has been commissioned  it is about heroin and it is a fictionalised account  of lives lived in a day   So i’m riding the train to the vietnamese part of town and its taking forever yeah i am riding along maybe you dont recognise me i was hurled into this world with enough past life baggage to check into the white hotel for evermore how the hell would i know what it was..? but it was something that was a big hassle i had no screaming esteem i could not dig myself at all for sure as the slow old train wound its way to my destination my self esteem was not picking up any steam i sat there attacked from all sides by pain ache despair and anxiety and thats just the stuff you can give names to… there are the other formless nameless horrors bearing down on me and it felt like the whole world finally we get there and i wander around trying to make eye contact with someone sometimes the dealers actually greeted ya as you got off the train today they werent there so i walked through the shops i make eye contact with a vietnamese guy about the same age as me ie early forties he sidles over to me gracefully what you want ? he smiles i do only hundreds. this is the best stuff you ever had in your life. i promise you! i nod my head. i heard that best stuff line a thousand times before hissed in swedish guffawed by an irish guy sneered to me in cockney english in matter of fact american an enthusiastic old mexican guy whose stuff actually had been the best but i am conflicted because this guy looks like he wouldnt have said it if […]
  • plane thought
    all those magic books making me longing for something quite marvellous all the times in the caravan by the black lake with the blue cranes all those tiny red sweets your lovely sister sucked on all those planes at night in the sydney sky yeah i am coming home laughing up the drive the drizzling warm wind turning my umbrella mind into a wand wandering aimlessly i come to the seapool and dove in in the middle of the night i was alone in the water except for the rain as i swam around weightlessly my breath escaped in silver wriggling bursts thirsty for your fathoms down father i sank in disappearing circles underwater the clouds held me down by my toes my unstitched shadow was violently thrown against the sand drowning in bed where absence has unmade it up and above it all my angel protects and guides me like a weapon in all spheres we are each represented by another spirit in water air fire and earth am i put together in gold love hate and evil pulled apart in the loneliness of a crowded hotel the noise killed my ear in the embrace of a memory the drink had dulled my mind in the hand you offered a strong suit a firm shake the new car slipped through the rain like Vsnu’s disc i forgot to mention how warm i was feeling now safely falling home a streetwalker a roadworker an old timer a 2 timer tell her you do yoga says a voice in another room you already said it grumbled the horizon which was dividing the elements in the reflection in the mirror on the table in the corner in the room inside the house in the quietest night imaginable in the silence that comes into […]
Steve talks about finances: I've made a lot of mistakes along the way
Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A really interesting column by Steve in the Daily Telegraph

Live on The Current 89.3
Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Church play Delirious, Laurel Canyon and Toy Head on March 6th 2015 for Minneapolis Public Radio

27 minutes

Between the songs they chat with the host, funny stuff!

Last Updated ( Sunday, 26 March 2017 )
Further Deeper Reviews Part 2
Sunday, 26 March 2017

More Further Deeper reviews found on various web sites.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 26 March 2017 )
Marty talks to Hot Press
Friday, 22 July 2016

Marty has been busy since leaving The Church. In this July 2016 interview he talks about what he's been doing since. Originally published at

Maine Today talks to Steve
Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Maine Today talks to Steve before an appearance on the 2015 tour -


Broad Church: Recording Further Deeper
Monday, 19 January 2015

Originally published at this is an in-depth look at how the band recorded the album. Author was Mark Davie

Further Deeper Reviews Part 1
Sunday, 26 October 2014

I'm assembling this collection long after the album was released, so it seems easiest to group them together into chunks.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 26 March 2017 )
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