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  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Latest Releases
Monsters n Mirages

Steve Kilbey boxed set! All six albums, with extra tracks etc.

The Church - Untitled #23
...five stars in Rolling Stone

No Certainty Attached: Steve Kilbey and The Church

A biography by site-friend Robert Lurie!

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Steve's Blog


The Time Being | Steve Kilbey
  • thats the story of my life
    yeah i wrote my mem-wahs people it aint no hi-brow read believe me ive been going round australia doing readings and its been going rather well im quite chuffed reading a chapter here and there answering questions doing a few tunes in qld had the pleasure n honour to be interviewed by robert forster he seemed to like my book it is candid and it is honest its like …conversational.. it is not war and fucking peace its easy a page turner some have said a lot of funny stuff a lot of philosophical stuff too a moral an arc a story emerges i guess have i merely imposed meaning on the random chaotic events of my life ? so the readings were a lot of fun i got to meet a lot of people sign loads and loads of books my publishing company is very cool i like them they put me up in hiltons every night i did loads of interviews i made em all smile now someone is even interested in making a film of it all the beat surely goes on people liking my book and my record i find a temporary oasis of acceptance my struggle abates i lay down my weary tune dolphin street days are here gigs on all horizons a sense of satisfaction i move out of the past i shed my old skins i relinquish regrets here are my lives for you to peruse
  • out n about with f/d
    we are doing a little tour in australia playing f/d and only f/d its going pretty well except for a few rude morons in canberra of all places sorry you wanted to hear old songs but we’re just doing our new album we are not at your beck n call nor are we jukeboxes regurgitating old tunes we are the church we are unrepentant we do what we want despite what anybody says i cop so much flak just for doing any single fucking thing i pursued music so diligently i did my homework i take it all in all of us in the church we put the time in we put the love in i cannot think of an album i’ve been involved in that has as much love we are getting wonderful reviews and i thank you all for the enthusiasm the naysayers have receded to an impotent bunch of trainspotters and tools all of them so sure they would hate it and guess what they really do still the general consensus is otherwise these naysayers are like a mosquito bite on my sensitivity they cause a minor irritation and then they are gone the necessary bloodsucking that nature apparently demands live the band is kicking ye olde arse 12 new songs is not an easy ask on band or audience but it was necessary ian has to show what he brings to the table because he brings a lot not some hack to churn out old songs peter and tim are monstrously good craig wilson on auxiliary instruments is fantastic playing all the things nobody else can get to me? well i make mistakes and stuff i keep trying harder and harder remembering a bunch of words and bass parts the fender 6 getting a good work […]
  • further farther deeper fathom
    less than 5 days away and fit for human consumption music cooked up illegally in a sound lab 1000 and 1 guitars in technicolour monochrome alone and beyond this mortal plane of pain the music sprinkles in free fall in a dream i chanced upon in white  straits in black water below the treble cliffs a great bass sea we are by the great coastlines of the pasts surfing the conundra waves singing with those freaky meermaids down by the sea in in my vesuvian vessel those BC nights i lived and i died i am your sailor and your cardshark and your slave i was your priest now all these thoughts have swirled back upon me my songs which always have been reflections from countless unknown memories hear…they come to life ..! the crashing minions of our great regime grooving in the chamber the harassed singer grasping at strawberry whine and cinnamon fixes stoned in his tomb his body of work falls apart all these songs and more i bring to life the american century where i roamed unbridled through my ladyfriends mind you mean the songs of intrigue and passion and tragedy..? oh yes the riverbed song of the cuckolded king the in-space announcements en route to my lemurian hideaway the din of the silverware in no gravity field the sound of a bass guitar come to life and playing itself the genius wallop that capsizes yer catamaran sweet honey harmony rose would sink in lotus pool we explore the arcane beauty of the desert shore we enter the moist softness of song becoming one like none inside the cocoon the tuning up has finally begun the increased speed begins to bleed into a guitar that transforms in storms of white chattering and pink shard noise cut and […]
  • further along deeper beyond
    listened the record on a good system its huge every song is vital every one is a mixture of dollies and sorrows the strange turns an unbridled mind can only find as we launch out back into the space that sent us as we lash out against the storm overhead and we march into unknowable futures all but unarmed against the odds admittedly it was unlikely we could still make such a good record i hoped for it but didnt expect it the detail is astonishing sounds crowd up and rush by guitars groan way down deep tinkling little mechanical bells shiver near sometimes the pounding drums subside leaving mercurial oozing songs running away the crisp 6 string bass or the dull throb of the 4 my words and singing as i hold on to the whispering music time ghost everything is flying by you stand in the way and it just goes thru yer head are you gonna stand there or not i trap these errant thoughts and inklings in my stony skull the words of the stars reverberate forever ringing on a clamour of madding voices flash on and off i cull the ideas hammering them upon song after song the word was love it fell from on high i am the catcher of broken fragments like chunks of pale chocolates the dusty icing sugar of the galaxies all my lives imagined or unimagined the furious battering north wind a south sea isle hey baby i’m a fuckin’ missionary i live 500 lives in america alone popping up all over the places all those lives appear here if you wanna know where words come from they come from a mine in the head and once excavated leave only an ache these words i had in me my whole […]

Marty's Site

Marty's Site
Countdown magazine talks to Richard and Marty

Countdown magazine talks to Richard and Marty in 1986, as Already Yesterday is being overlooked for radio airplay.


Jack Frost was going to include Neil Finn and Paul Kelly
Thursday, 06 March 2014

Grant McLennan conceived Jack Frost as a four-man supergroup, according to this interview, originally published at this link



Nice and techy Tim Powles interview
Sunday, 03 March 2013

Originally published at Spire Focus. Tim talks about the work he's done for the band and some of the other acts that he works with. Busy guy!

Tim talks to dbMagazine about the 2011 FPP tour
Friday, 21 December 2012

Nice to see the amazing Tim Powles getting interviewed! Originally at dbMagazine.


Robert Lurie's review of 2nd Isidore album
Saturday, 03 March 2012

It's always a treat to see Robert's writing. Here he reviews the 2nd and long-awaited Isidore album "Life Somewhere Else". This is from BlurtOnline


Steve on the bands resurgent popularity
Saturday, 03 March 2012

Steve talks to Max Easton on the band being rediscovered by the mainstream around their 30th anniversary. Originally published in Brag magazine.


Peter Koppes talks to Beat magazine about
Saturday, 03 March 2012

Interesting look back to P=A with Peter's perspective.


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