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  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Latest Releases

Latest Releases
Monsters n Mirages

Steve Kilbey boxed set! All six albums, with extra tracks etc.

The Church - Untitled #23
...five stars in Rolling Stone

No Certainty Attached: Steve Kilbey and The Church

A biography by site-friend Robert Lurie!

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Steve's Blog


The Time Being | Steve Kilbey
  • after the deluge
    i’m glowing in the dark baby i came in out the rain the sea and the salt have rusted my metals in weed and in foam now let me adorn you the clinging brine has swept into my eyes and blindsided me the rushing sand that comes with the storm the coldness of the onset of the drop temperature plummets out of the night sky chemical smell of the fix on bright paper i chart the rise and fall of civilisations within a single drop i am only the messenger sent out who forgets the message in a sudden flash i am revealed turquoise and grotesque in meaningless symbols a download into your sweet head in rambling storeys let me describe my fathers house in trails of vapoured souls a fabulous picture emerges in dells and dales we will walk with the beloved one in frequent squalls the winds will reach 100 knots and undo them all in a laneway of a street i met up with an old friend in for the long hall in a bar where lovers drink milk of amnesia and touch each others faces in a vacant lot a lot of strange things were going on i come to you as before damp and bewildered ashore for the night my uniform is lost a miracle in the darkness has increased my appetite the more i have the hungrier i become goodbye to sugar goodbye to wine goodbye to honey goodbye to awful things the rain has a peculiar sound and it makes everything so quiet i am so alone in my room full of odds and ends no evens or beginnings in sight the night is my lovely friend though i know it tho its young drifting swirling storms i welcomed you with opened arms […]
  • empty handed
    tonight of all nights tonight when i should be working working working i slip down to the piers and jetties among the fisherman sitting in the gentlest softest rain that falls from the white night sky in the softest touch on my face infinite droplets my black umbrella above like a crow i go along the bridges under wavering lights dimly humming with moths the spray drifts to earth slower than snow a fugitive from myself i slink into the alleyways and trees i shrink from my shadow which almost cannot be seen i reach in my pocket and caress the raised ridges of a credit card the water in my shoes is warm i slosh along then pleasantly the label in my shirt sometimes scratches my neck and distracts me everything i see or feel or hear keeps passing through me i love everyone i see although it is very very dark now the loving rain coaxes the plants from the soil the loving sun pulls the water up from the sea the merciful clouds raining their miraculous gifts sometimes lightning thunder and hail but not tonight under my own authority i have skived off work i run across vast coastal plateaus soaked through my nine lives people stop me to say things but the lovely rain muffles the voices i look at their faces so soft and wonderfully dim under the arc of the clouds under the blankets of a  hazy darkness cars streak past in street with gurgling gutter impression of drain moving under us swollen in flood impression of some beautiful cat eating some bird impression of sobbing child about to give up forever my encyclopaedic brain with many pages missing i abandon my boots barefoot on the pavements walking and walking wherever i’m going impossibly quiet in the […]
  • saturday night and the sea again
    my friends we have lived through this night over and over aftershave and winebars a thousand cigarettes later you sitting down on a beach talking to some girls when they ask you your name you cannot remember the evening has overwhelmed you hip and unexpected the whorl of time unravelling slow as it does squashed into a booth its hard to read the menu alone under the creaming stars its vertiginous suddenly lurching people scream over the din at the idiot inside me who nods and grins and agrees with their multi chewed off sins i guffaw and i shout waving money about somewhere outside myself someone hovers watching the streets crawling with cars black silver white i exit through a door in the wall we walk along through streets of memory laughing out loud at nothing in particular we walk through the shadows cast by towers and sphinxes the bridge in your gardens bright with pantheon decorations learning to embrace south east asia i accepted these monsoons and these buddhas as my own… in the warehouse downtown they are watching yachts racing in emerald seas i long to be free of these old days and their films i sit under coloured lanterns drinking saki in the village precinct i drive my sleek car to fantastic parties degenerating into sordid glamourous orgies i pull out my triple golden cards i am gained admittance to pleasurable nights with bankless banking i summon money from the static into my pocket i give arms to the poor who are rich in memory and in hope in a backroom over a deal i feel real lucky i’m a singer as someone counts out the fifties shifty eyes fall upon me but i come with my words they have all heard it calms them to […]
  • creature comforts
    hazy azure pool in evening garden we dip below the surface far down there thinking impressions of other summers come rushing into ending chlorine nighted cloak power of invisibility the slam of the wave you caught goodbye motels courtyards with statues of the david you said the palms are almost royal said somebody else in a fish n chip shop standing in the queue a former mermaid before myrrh made her see she saw our land before we set foot on this shore the pavilion like an colonial indian palace history on the ocean that laps rocks into sand the crabs run into green crevices waving their claws the windows of houses you have never entered amidst the debris a fortune never claimed among all that wreckage one thing to remember i started to say it yet then i forgot one thing to take with you but it fell by some wayside in a chasm one day i’ll stumble upon it i’m sure     Share

Marty's Site

Marty's Site
Countdown magazine talks to Richard and Marty

Countdown magazine talks to Richard and Marty in 1986, as Already Yesterday is being overlooked for radio airplay.


Jack Frost was going to include Neil Finn and Paul Kelly
Thursday, 06 March 2014

Grant McLennan conceived Jack Frost as a four-man supergroup, according to this interview, originally published at this link



Nice and techy Tim Powles interview
Sunday, 03 March 2013

Originally published at Spire Focus. Tim talks about the work he's done for the band and some of the other acts that he works with. Busy guy!

Tim talks to dbMagazine about the 2011 FPP tour
Friday, 21 December 2012

Nice to see the amazing Tim Powles getting interviewed! Originally at dbMagazine.


Robert Lurie's review of 2nd Isidore album
Saturday, 03 March 2012

It's always a treat to see Robert's writing. Here he reviews the 2nd and long-awaited Isidore album "Life Somewhere Else". This is from BlurtOnline


Steve on the bands resurgent popularity
Saturday, 03 March 2012

Steve talks to Max Easton on the band being rediscovered by the mainstream around their 30th anniversary. Originally published in Brag magazine.


Peter Koppes talks to Beat magazine about
Saturday, 03 March 2012

Interesting look back to P=A with Peter's perspective.


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