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  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Latest Releases

Latest Releases
Monsters n Mirages

Steve Kilbey boxed set! All six albums, with extra tracks etc.

The Church - Untitled #23
...five stars in Rolling Stone

No Certainty Attached: Steve Kilbey and The Church

A biography by site-friend Robert Lurie!

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Steve's Blog


The Time Being | Steve Kilbey
  • we talk about william from glide
    spring has come to sydney in the middle of winter my life is stranger than most strangers a long time ago in another universe i was a junky and every day a very good friend of mine who was also a junky would pick me up in her VW and we would make the long drive out to cabramatta in sydneys west where in the mid nineties there was very good heroin to be had cheap my friend was a musician and we drove out there which usually took an hour and on the way out we were sick and twitching we arrive and she always waits in the car while i duck up the stairs up to a karaoke place but no one up there is fucking singing theres a guy at the door hes got half a gram of smack in a 150 buck wrapper you can have as many as you like the stuff comes straight from vietnam presumably its fucking deadly good it was killing people man you bought your stuff and you fucked off quick these cats selling it are hard faced bastards jump in the car we drive to this weird remote kinda park thing in the middle of nowhere and me and my friend would hit up our sweet poison and the mood would change everything looked so refreshed in the light of that fix as we drive home we are relaxed and loquacious drive so politely and within all the laws to the tee this happens day in day out for a long time on our drives out there and back we chart the courses of other junky musicians my friend has all the latest goss on whos using the stuff at the same time i came across these records by glide […]
  • profane geometry
    and the land of light was peel back and reveal as the brooks rush down into the the thirsty sea as the cloudiest baby zephyr still within eos invoke then the solemnity you needed fiddling around with buttons and diodes man you hammer on and off some constraining angel harkens to your tune you persist beyond death you increase within time just when they were gonna give up hit and blindsided and run some chick took off her pants in a strobe while you sucked on the cola betel hula hooper you hoovered up a line of prose straight up your little nose you cried poor at the door of in-laws as the snow thaws flying in the face of shredded decencies you vacillated between the grotesque and obscene holding third or forth on the life of some queen under the blankets the best darkness i never seen the trembling is still upon me or is it writhe in remorse i hurl the chasms frame over my name switch on for the next game ive got babylon sister what about you? a tremendous feeling of smugness and superiority crushed by a feather gliding i pull alongside you i decelerate to enter the intimately lit space the eyes in your face the solar panic flare of the cameras flash reflect off your lenses forming your past in regrettable future tenses inside my chest my heart must still beat although i am virtually hidden to the world in an arcane inn where i winter in austerity my conscience pricked by thorny problems i paint away at my lathe bathed in sweet sweat in yoga asanas i am receiving a confidential transmission but the years have their hooks in me the days and their barbituate ways going under again down by the transparent sea […]
  • triangulation
    when the electric strike hits the sky vein and explodes in the earths head like a whiteness opaque this whole reeling planet is circumambulating a little son if you took just one minute to look under the rivers hood and search the pockets of a woodland strip hipped to the waste of blue max alpine air lake redolent ripples away and away in water coloured waves the owl busted the mouse falling out of heaven in dread beating wings and art nouveau frog left croaking on a dying tree their reflections are the shadows of other days other times when i lived as another faraway in some painting oh yes a lovely world slipped out from vishnus gorgeous pores as he dreams in the causal ocean and from him emanate baby universes like this one you hold in your hands from the great unnamed event that has at least one thousand names as scientists get nearer to god in a queue outside a bank they begin to approach him in wonder with their little measuring sticks and their little gauges like ants who argue over weighing the moon the guys in suits who say only war will save us but blessed are the peacemakers i looked before i hesitated and i leapt before i was lost my words are some mere distraction from the horrors around you it was a real pleasure to feel you read me today      
  • some weird infection
    some weird infection got me the other night freezing and boiling and recoiling in horror i lie in bed and follow rivulets of reverie in deep dark places i come across the strangest things i exchange information the banging in my head continues i hobble around my much vaunted vim dimly remembered  

Marty's Site

Marty's Site
Countdown magazine talks to Richard and Marty

Countdown magazine talks to Richard and Marty in 1986, as Already Yesterday is being overlooked for radio airplay.


Jack Frost was going to include Neil Finn and Paul Kelly
Thursday, 06 March 2014

Grant McLennan conceived Jack Frost as a four-man supergroup, according to this interview, originally published at this link



Nice and techy Tim Powles interview
Sunday, 03 March 2013

Originally published at Spire Focus. Tim talks about the work he's done for the band and some of the other acts that he works with. Busy guy!

Tim talks to dbMagazine about the 2011 FPP tour
Friday, 21 December 2012

Nice to see the amazing Tim Powles getting interviewed! Originally at dbMagazine.


Robert Lurie's review of 2nd Isidore album
Saturday, 03 March 2012

It's always a treat to see Robert's writing. Here he reviews the 2nd and long-awaited Isidore album "Life Somewhere Else". This is from BlurtOnline


Steve on the bands resurgent popularity
Saturday, 03 March 2012

Steve talks to Max Easton on the band being rediscovered by the mainstream around their 30th anniversary. Originally published in Brag magazine.


Peter Koppes talks to Beat magazine about
Saturday, 03 March 2012

Interesting look back to P=A with Peter's perspective.


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