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  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Latest Releases

Latest Releases
Monsters n Mirages

Steve Kilbey boxed set! All six albums, with extra tracks etc.

The Church - Untitled #23
...five stars in Rolling Stone

No Certainty Attached: Steve Kilbey and The Church

A biography by site-friend Robert Lurie!

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Steve's Blog


The Time Being | Steve Kilbey
  • ephemeron (a slight return)
    it was the first line of the first return the sky had already received a five star review in the great cities of europe and the americas the magician and his assistant wife the cafes du lait with creamy walls the old aerodromes a carafe of fresh orange juice all possible places at once are imposed upon each other all these cities in one city all these rooms in one room all these stories in one story all these words in one word : imagine bizarre and random life in the sun you are old and young with your rippling reflection you are no man or woman you are a character you live so this thingĀ i write on you may exist sitting at this table guzzling sangria with you inside your new skin under these palm lined boulevards in endless dusk lost into the alleys of brighton and paris which stink of piss unafraid on some hillside i stroll confidently through the slums i do deals with the beggars who fool me over and over later i order expensive meals i cannot ever pay for overlooking the gorges the rivers the cathedrals the birdseye gaze of a madman as he drifts out of his world throw open the doors to the weeks to come old fisherman repeating the 1000 names of maria mother of god the candles splutter on in warm dark of another church some dashing waiter like a b grade zorro against vista panoramica a guy shows up in a building to read the meters a ruined garden of frenzied gardenias estates in decline with doors for windows conesuela sits on her train going endlessly to the beach almost never arriving where the castles hit the shore and one million mixed up casanovas in casinos and bars their […]
  • heathrow london
    sitting here at heathrow airport on my way home normal service to be resumed as soon as i get back lovely days in sweden seeing friends n lou lous and a short but well needed holiday in portugal have refreshed me i get back and start rehearsal almost immediately my bass playing calluses have all worn off so gotta go thru all that again bass playing causes horrendous blisters that eventually becomeĀ calluses but they have all turned into mush without use (much like the human brain) soon we will be back on the road doing the b. crusade and f. deeper in a aussie capital near you soon looking forward to seeing my dear kids A and E and S again they all look like they’ve grown up while away thanks for all the support and stuff people i promise a real bloggie when i get back and can smoke summa that stuff that inspires me to write all the usual stupid things i do i love you all sk the airport in lunnon (and nervous ahead of nearly 24 hours of flying!) thank christ for valium xxxx   zzzzz
  • its all too much
    i am writing from my darling daughter minnas apartment in stockholm she and leo (her lovely bloke) have gone to italy for a week leaving me to water the flowers and enjoy the miserable summer wevver well the euro tour my oh my the church are now an unstoppable force my colleagues in this band are just fucking superb tim the most walloping yet intelligent drummer ever peter koppes …what can you say about this guy except he is a fucking maestro ian haug after convincing america he has now convinced europe he has more than slotted in he has enriched us craigie wilson up the back on utility (he hates that term btw) he is truly a member of the band now a multi instrumental marvel and a delightful human being our crew are an amazing crew and me..? well i have stepped up to the plate and firing with everything i got we nailed every fucking gig 2 encores in london n brighton (no i did not see nick cave walking his poodle or buying black dye) (as many have asked me) the band is now unbelievably uplifting and inspiring it was the happiest and most fulfilling tour ever despite sleeping on el bunko in bus every night now I’m in sweden we celebrated Elli n Minnas 24th yesterday and wow! what a great party that was at a japanese/peruvian restaurant everyone was there including one of dearest friends mr martin krall karin and i are the marvellously proud parents of these 2 beautiful kind warm hearted girls and tears of happiness were flowing all night their friends are the loveliest people and i felt so truly a part of it all and people say you’re a proud papa but i tell ya it is way beyond that […]
  • european diary
    yes we did the barcelona show a thousand years ago it seems yeah we did pretty fucking good i guess it coulda been a mess we had a great night and a great audience the band played on near flawlessly all things considered we played well the distant stars aligned and the people were moved by it all we pile into the old bus and drive to cologne or koln there we do another great old gig and then same deal and paris do some touristy afternoon stuff with arc de triomphe paris show is cool yeah whatever there you go now in the port of amsterdam writing blog when i should be relaxing bye now

Marty's Site

Marty's Site
Countdown magazine talks to Richard and Marty

Countdown magazine talks to Richard and Marty in 1986, as Already Yesterday is being overlooked for radio airplay.


Jack Frost was going to include Neil Finn and Paul Kelly
Thursday, 06 March 2014

Grant McLennan conceived Jack Frost as a four-man supergroup, according to this interview, originally published at this link



Nice and techy Tim Powles interview
Sunday, 03 March 2013

Originally published at Spire Focus. Tim talks about the work he's done for the band and some of the other acts that he works with. Busy guy!

Tim talks to dbMagazine about the 2011 FPP tour
Friday, 21 December 2012

Nice to see the amazing Tim Powles getting interviewed! Originally at dbMagazine.


Robert Lurie's review of 2nd Isidore album
Saturday, 03 March 2012

It's always a treat to see Robert's writing. Here he reviews the 2nd and long-awaited Isidore album "Life Somewhere Else". This is from BlurtOnline


Steve on the bands resurgent popularity
Saturday, 03 March 2012

Steve talks to Max Easton on the band being rediscovered by the mainstream around their 30th anniversary. Originally published in Brag magazine.


Peter Koppes talks to Beat magazine about
Saturday, 03 March 2012

Interesting look back to P=A with Peter's perspective.


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