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  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Latest Releases

Latest Releases
Monsters n Mirages

Steve Kilbey boxed set! All six albums, with extra tracks etc.

The Church - Untitled #23
...five stars in Rolling Stone

No Certainty Attached: Steve Kilbey and The Church

A biography by site-friend Robert Lurie!

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Steve's Blog


The Time Being | Steve Kilbey
  • dolphin street new south whales
    trippers i am the freak am he who am she who am you and me bangers i am the transubstantial poet in black velvet and grey chord dazed by a fever i bear down on these keys full of a glorious madness let a museum of memories explode over  les folies  old theatre hound bound down before you everyday in anyway you want me i peddle these thoughts some which i bought with my own blood i hum the drumming thumbs that rolling sound when tambourine mountain hurls back the deluge at the boiling ocean sky girls approach me from out of a forest i almost know why i summon the glum lord slum lord of storm and steel but why would anything listen to me..? strung out in a web of lows struggling for the sure nevertheless i am no less clever than your average fool for the ghoulish a pool of bleach and wheres my kohl older times in sepia soft glow spin that wheel upon the bumpy airspeed tho everything you think you know is tray faux i dont need to take any dope for fucks sake cant he be the great white hopeless ? i am the in to the inner i am the sin after dinner i am the crook old fox the thud within your heart box i slide down any madness in freefall this is why i get paid the (gulp) big bucks that is why that dark matter sucks        
  • in flu gripped with strange reverie
    well something swept in it certainly swept in across nights portals where mere mortals fear to breathe some pummelling bombastic germ hath conquered me good and my ahem dental problems compounded as well i lay in abed full of fever and ruinous dreams where everything sweet seems wrong every aching limb arching in the dim bleak break of dawnish banks oh how i writhe to the heavens without any thanks the sweating thoughts themselves shudder in darkness like mice in the wall the inflamed repetition of some banal phrase hold you in thrall the way you are diverted mid thought you fade away… oh i dont know where you go then though its seems too soon to know said the voice below my skin is burning in the etheric sky i am alight and falling in pieces over allemagne coming down so fast like a man comet ablaze the earth rushes up i hit the ground in an agonizing jolt but i wake up in the child who runs from his bed to tell them about his terrible dream dont let him go back to sleep then says a voice let him sleep if he wants to we will watch out for him says the voice below that the child rapidly grows up and flies through a window in time the father and the mother must love one another the complex ritual of the flies buzzing in your sunlit afternoon the clouds outside signifying everything and absolutely nothing everything put together a bit wrong though oh illness poisons body and mind  so effectively swimming in a sea sick sea of nausea and deliria i beached in my bed of tangled sheets and pillows killing my head the ripped out tides of fortune soon to make me marooned the doom of everyman […]
  • apprehending impending
    i had a dream all my teeth fell out the charts and my songs were full of haze and bits of mauve broken shell wandering in a wasteland of fender bits and the carcasses of bands running lost on a deserted highway against the most purple heather evening my hands were understanding music just as they turned off the lights blackened backstage i stumble around amidst the props suddenly silent the auditorium glides on empty the players are all gone in my humid dressing room among mannequin chatter and some mannikin appears guarding a portal to uh enchanted place in my drawers crushed tiny stones arranged in a helix or something a silver thread back through oblivion little creature who art thou so solemn and so rude? little angry elemental bastard summoned unwillingly to this realm this chapter of engagements this freakshow of yesteryear today? beyond the nominal veil of illusion materialising within this very vortex as my lives whirl away? oh master please forgive me  here i am! it said and stamped its foot here i am to sing your song of song of songs  that take me out along the coast no one has seen? that take you out beyond this tricksy burble into pastures of the blessed past? yes that was all just a dream  it had brushed me aside rushing through the breathtaking hush alive and more alive        
  • stranger, things have happened
    nature arranged at all its levels meticulous and tuned salt air rushes thru my murky flat an expectancy as another storm approacheth a vacant field where no building seems to have ever stood with minimal undoing the undulating rain in the shallow cave of an afternoon reverie upon my mind the sky suddenly blackens as the parking expires lying in bed with a thousand memories treading the boardinghouses and the stage behind a laundry in alleyways that connect our worlds malcontent clouds unleashing into thimbles empty vessels pouring into empty vessels the heat when its all over discharged into vapour in languid valleys i would long for i surge to be out of this miasmic malaise becalmed in the early saturday evening seas i embody the time ravaged fool adrift in the green and grey headful of sea spray  

Marty's Site

Marty's Site
Countdown magazine talks to Richard and Marty

Countdown magazine talks to Richard and Marty in 1986, as Already Yesterday is being overlooked for radio airplay.


Jack Frost was going to include Neil Finn and Paul Kelly
Thursday, 06 March 2014

Grant McLennan conceived Jack Frost as a four-man supergroup, according to this interview, originally published at this link



Nice and techy Tim Powles interview
Sunday, 03 March 2013

Originally published at Spire Focus. Tim talks about the work he's done for the band and some of the other acts that he works with. Busy guy!

Tim talks to dbMagazine about the 2011 FPP tour
Friday, 21 December 2012

Nice to see the amazing Tim Powles getting interviewed! Originally at dbMagazine.


Robert Lurie's review of 2nd Isidore album
Saturday, 03 March 2012

It's always a treat to see Robert's writing. Here he reviews the 2nd and long-awaited Isidore album "Life Somewhere Else". This is from BlurtOnline


Steve on the bands resurgent popularity
Saturday, 03 March 2012

Steve talks to Max Easton on the band being rediscovered by the mainstream around their 30th anniversary. Originally published in Brag magazine.


Peter Koppes talks to Beat magazine about
Saturday, 03 March 2012

Interesting look back to P=A with Peter's perspective.


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